Her Room

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Her Room

Post by Sofiya » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:51 am

She woke up facing the ceiling. Most of it was solid, but weak light came from the middle of three squares in it. She felt wrong when she sat up. Dizzy… empty… She held the rail and breathed a few times. The room was swimming. It was a gray room. She closed her eyes. When the dizzy became less, she stood up.

The gray room had one door in the wall across from her bed. She thought that a person would sleep in their bed. She'd woke up in this bed; it was hers. Her door didn't open when she touched it. It was a wide door. There was a small square beside it. A panel. She pressed the panel, but nothing changed. She must have forgotten something.

Her room was eleven steps long in one direction, eight in the other. The ceiling was at least three arms taller than she was. She had two chairs, a shelf in the wall, and her bed. Half of her bed raised up or went back down when she pressed a green button on it. She'd forgotten it did that. Her bed had rails. The rails should raise or lower, but she'd forgotten how to make them. Something in her wall clicked and fresher air circulated through vents near her ceiling. That was good. Her room had been getting stale.

Her floor was hard and solid, a covered drain near the middle. There was a sanitary and sink in the corner. It was just part of the room. She'd forgotten if that was usual. Her other three corners had thick tubes. Like pillars… but not pillars. They were transparent. She looked into one, touching it with her face and squinting because her room was so dim. The tubes were habitats for her lizards. She had one pet lizard drowsing on its stick in each habitat, but she'd forgotten their names.

She frowned and pressed her forehead. There were other questions. She tried thinking a list of what she'd forgotten… But she couldn't remember anything that she hadn't forgotten. She was empty. She couldn't remember if that should upset her.

Back to her door, she pushed the panel again. She knocked on the door when nothing happened, then knocked again louder. She coughed to make a sound, then talked at the door.

"I need… I can't get from my room. Help! Hello? I've forgotten."

Nothing happened except her hand hurting. She was thirsty, so she put her hand in the sink. The water turned on. She tested her hands under the faucet, drank from them, then washed her face.

She tapped the cage of one of her lizards. It didn't do anything.

Dissatisfied, she lay down again on her bed. Her room's lights were dim enough that she should be lying down. Plus, her clothes were pajamas.

She'd forgotten… Everything she should have remembered.

What… was outside… of her room? How did her door work? Why did she feel like this…? What was she meant to feel like? When she'd talked, she'd felt like someone should hear it… Who should have?

She felt like she should be… someone. Someone who felt less empty, and had more thoughts… and who should have other clothes when she wasn't wearing pajamas… and who should have remembered her lizards… and how her bed railings worked…

And her door…

And who she was…

And why she was…

Eventually she slept.
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