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Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:26 pm
by Ares Chrysander
Timothy Mordas stood in the bedroom of his private suite and looked out the transparisteel windows at the city world. Then shaking his head he finished putting on his suit and went out of his room to the villa flat. He had an important meeting to prepare for to report the whole of this catastrophe, and it was going to be inperson with Nahlos. He went straight to the minibar and began pouring a very stiff drink for himself when there was a slight cough.

"Isn't Namana liquor quite addictive...and euphoric?"

Mordas spilled the contents of the tumbler over the bar as he whirled around. There was the hooded and cloaked figure he always dreaded facing, Nahlos. "Cheaper than glitterstim and less frowned upon by civilized society."

The cloaked figure stood and walked forward, and even though he was shorter than Timothy, still Timothy was petrified of Nahlos. "What of this fiasco?" Nahlos asked, "What are you doing about it?"

"Right now, I'm commiting most of my resources to it. Koth and his bodyguards are personally involved in the hunt and their using our resources to try and locate the thief."

"This was unexpected...but not unforseen," said Nahlos. The figure paused and then pointed a finger at Timothy. "But I have other needs as well. Have you kept a number of the assassin droids?"

Timothy nodded but Nahlos cut him off. "Excellent, I now require the services of an information broker, do we have one."

Timothy shook his head. "No, but there is one on Dac, and I believe there is also a smuggling station that is run by information brokers."

Nahlos hissed in anger. "Pity, but no matter. I am leaving, make sure that you acquire the saber, Timothy, fail me and I will be most displeased."

Nahlos then turned and his the cloak not even billowing behind him, the shadowy figure left the villa suite.

Timothy guzzled his drink straignt from the bottle.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:55 am
by Sophia Valca
Sophia entered the casino, and slipped the bouncer a wasp card. He knew what it meant, and took her to the basement of the casino, where the real bidding went on. Where hundreds of billions were passed through and no one bat an eyelash. She took out her duffle bag and threw it on the table. She lit up one of her trademark cigars and took in a dreg. She never puffed on them, she always inhaled. She stared coldly at the man who was looking over the sith holocrons, he may have seen one or two pass him by, but ten was leaving him speechless. He checked their markings and material, he was shocked they were all legitimate. Ten priceless items right on his desk, of which he could sell for insane amounts each.

" much are you asking for?" He knew whatever the price was, was going to hurt. Wasp, as he knew her, was clear on her prices, and always got what she wished for. She was a feared entity among pirates and thieves. Rumor had it, she was working with sith now, and this definitely showed it. The man was simply known as the broker, but he had the means to buy and sell the rarest of all rare trinkets and even people.

"Twenty billion, for all of them. No more, no less..." Her accent was thick, and her gaze fierce with intent. She meant what she said, and she wasn't fooling around. She inhaled her cigar and exhaled a plume of smoke.

"Twenty?! Twenty Billion! You're nuts!" The broker slammed his fist on the table.

She was swift, and pinned his fist on the table, and pulled out a combat knife, and slammed it against the table, embedding it three inches into the wood, and barely scraping his thumb when she flattened his fist out into a palm. She deliberately missed his hand, but it was enough for him to squeal.

"I have come too far, and my employer too impatient...Twenty billion..." She growled, her grip on both his hand and her knife was white knuckled.

"Fine, fine! Twenty billion! Geeze...let go!" He growled.

Sophia released her grip, and barely smirked, "My next request, I need nine Majestic class heavy cruisers. I suspect four and a half billion will be enough to cover the costs, and whatever is left over, you keep for yourself. You will take it out of the sale of the holocrons. I suspect you'll know how to get them built without alerting either the Protectorate or Kurayami. Once the ships are built, send them to Dxun, no questions asked. I do believe professionalism is in your nature, so I will leave you to the transaction. I suggest getting the hutts to build these craft for me. Goodbye."

The broker simply nodded and made the transactions and the call. He could say nothing else as he watched Sophia walk off, still on a mission of sorts. He wondered what sort of crowd she got herself into this time.

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Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:11 pm
by Zalus Bidan
Zalus entered the Casino and scanned the crowd. He knew exactly who he was looking for. Twi'lek and Zeltron servers and high end prostitutes he simply walked through. Hutts weren't hard to spot, Torga was no different. He pushed through the crowd and nearly walked right up to the Hutt before his entourage pulled out their blasters and gave him a gesture to back off. Zalus simply smirked with his hands out, "Torga you beautiful bastard, you really want me to take these men's hands, or would you prefer them armed?"

Torga was in the middle of a hand of Sabacc, "I should really shoot you for losing my installation and one third of my crew."

"And it was your fault for letting me borrow it, but I can understand where the mistake was made. Big asteroid in the middle of nowhere, with more than a few delinquents in charge. I did you a favor, now these guys can keep their blasters, and get a raise. So, since you entrusted your little whatever to me, I've come to give you compensation for the next six months of shipments...because I kept them from shipping to the installation. So consider it a sorry not sorry pleasure to be doing more business in the future, sort of thing from me. With the republic and now the Dynasty cracking down on the spice trade, I think it would be a wise investment to use less obvious methods of storage and transportation. Pretty sure the guy in the senate is sitting pretty on his accomplishments. So I'm going to shit on his parade for everyone, and make a few billion credits on the side. What do you say? You in?" Zalus shrugged.

"You waste my installation, hold six months worth of shipment to deliver to me as compensation, all to throw it over my head and tell me my syndicate, and expect me now to work for you on this basis?" Torga looked to him and bellowed a deep throaty snarl.

"Well either that or my rebuttal would end in a threat and your goons thinking they can kill me, or, you can just accept that my business model will fare much better in this new age of a war on spice, than your centuries old methods. I'm a reasonable man, I only destroyed one third of your operations...I can finish the job if you're not satisfied," Zalus shrugged.

"One third of my crew, not my operations, big difference you braided fool," Torga licked his lips in thought, "You haven't even said what you're proposing, you're talking bantha don't have a plan, you just took the money and ran."

"The whole galaxy will be at war soon, I suggest creating tension or some other sort of reason for the Machines to set up shop on one of the spice worlds. Or places where we can run ship loads of narcotics quickly, in Dynasty, and Republic caskets. Once the war is over, we find the next conflict or make one and start the process over. Simple eh?" he smirked.

"You're quite an arrogant little shit aren't you?" Torga laughed after he thought about it, "were my men really that worthless?"

"They were a special kind of moron, they followed my orders," Zalus shrugged bluntly, "I'll let you know as the plan goes along." Zalus turned around and headed back out of the Casino, waving to Torga as he left.

"If he fools me again, I'll kill him myself," Torga rolled his eyes and laid down his cards, "Full Sabacc!" The members of the table groaned.

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Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:20 pm
by Zalus Bidan
Zalus entered the casino with his astromech's Astro and Sparky. He pushed up his aviators as he went right over to Torga, and again, stopped by his thugs. He rolled his eyes and whipped out his holdout pistol, stunning them with a few shots.

"Torga, I told your men I don't like to be manhandled. The shipment is now in your hands, and I will take my payment as well as the ship with me back to space to conduct further raids," Zalus stated.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:35 pm
by Zalus Bidan
Torga growled and glared at Zalus, but he was good at what he did and he was a self sufficient man. He looked to his datapad and saw the whole shipment, it made him blink, "this is enough to-"

"Yeah, enough to fuel a whole fleet, or a single star destroyer for twenty years. I did the math...this shipment was in the unkown region alone without escort. My guess is that it was on rendezvous with...something out there. I'm running a diagnostic on the computers of the thing, but the crew was skeleton. Whoever sent that ship out there didn't want anyone of note aboard," Zalus answered.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:36 pm
by Sophia Valca
Sophia entered the packed Casino floor and saw that the Hutt in question was already occupied with a guest. The man looked peculiuar but she had no real interest in waiting for him to finish. She nodded to Luxeria as she crossed her arms over her chest and asked discreetly "can you clear the area of guests my dear?"

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:09 pm
by Zalus Bidan
"Well I won't charge extra for that tidbit of information, but that fuel is yours. The frigate belongs to me. If there are any clues aboard that ship about the motives behind the fuel shipment, and the Galactic Alliance, I'll let you know," Zalus gave a small salute and turned around, he walked out with his droids following him.

He noticed the two new faces of Sophia and Luxeria, he couldn't put a thumb on it, but he felt like he should have known the woman in the duster, "ladies," he said with a nod as he walked by them and made his way out of the Casino.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:30 am
by Luxeria
Luxeria followed Sophia into the casino, ready to see her means of negotiation, especially to those one couldn't manipulate with the Force. When Sophia mentioned clearing the area of guests, she gave a nod with a smirk. "Just tell me when its enough."

She began reaching out to the minds closest to the Hutt, slipping in to begin "convincing" them to walk away. It wasn't so difficult. Most that existed within a casino where weak of mind in some regard. Greed was the name of the game here and everything else was nothing. It left many open doors for her to enter. Slowly, the ones closest to the Hutt began moving away. As they left and Sophia said nothing, she spread her influence to the next level and had them depart. Her circle of influence would continue to navigate others away, eventually leading her to completely clear the casino if she said nothing otherwise.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:15 pm
by Sophia Valca
Sophia gave the man a nod as he walked away, for whatever reason he did not seem affected by Luxeria's aura. She paid it little mind as she walked right up to Torga.

"Illustrious Torga, I am Sophia Valc-"

"I know who you are, you don't just silently take out four houses and establish a criminal organization in the mid rim over night and not hear about it. You're in the backyard of the Jedi Order," he bellowed a deep laugh.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:12 am
by Luxeria
Luxeria watched as the last of the patrons cleared the area before making her way up behind Sophia. She couldn't help but smirk knowing that they already built a reputation that had spread in no time. Already curious as to how Sophia would be able to negotiate with a Hutt, she wondered just how this new reputation would affect things going forward.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:10 pm
by Sophia Valca
Sophia gave a slight smirk and was about to speak again when Torga kept going.

"You've also been the talk in regards to Naboo, and their sudden surrender and dissolvement with ties to neutrality. Are you aware Concord Dawn, Roon, and now Metellos are all under siege by the Machines and Sith? You've been busy for a space pirate. A little too busy. So let me guess, you're here to discuss with me an agreement? As your friend their cleared the room. I am a gangster, but I am also a Hutt that likes to take risks. That man who walked in just delivered to me an entire shipment of hyperspace fuel, enough to sustain a whole fleet for a year. Or one capital ship for twenty. I took a gamble with the Galactic Alliance and won. So what do you come to offer besides a contract with the Sith and the resurgence of the Machine Menace?" Torga grumbled with curiosity, and intimidation.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:24 pm
by Sophia Valca
"I offer you potentially the run of the Hutt Cartels if you simply guide the criminal underworld on all Dynasty systems to...cause a bit of civil unrest. Spread a few lies and rumors here and there to plant seeds of doubt about their beloved Goddess. Use your men to disrupt things, or throw out credits to those willing to light fires in streets. As you well know, say a lie long enough, and people take it for truth. That is what I want you to do. Or, at least get the other Hutts on board with this, and carve out just a slice of the empire to come for yourself," Sophia answered, and took out a cigar.

"Tempting, but you're already speaking as if you won, you have simply aided in creating chaos, and have no ground to show for it. That is not a good investment for me, I do not bank on chaos, only odds. That man went against odds and brought me back what he promised. What can you give me to make me believe you? What do you tangibly have that I don't already have? Valca City is just another place like this Casino. Or even this moon, and I may as well be king of this moon. Do you have a moon you can give me? Do you have something of value you can send my way? Something marketable or lasting?" He growled.

"Who else has direct access to Machine Empire technology? What would you like, a droid? A ship?" Sophia was quick to answer, with cold eyes and a matter of fact tone, "Celestial alloy is far more priceless than hyperspace fuel, you may as well have discovered a cure for cancer."

"That is too easy, I want something that is hard to obtain...something you had to work for. I don't care for your story that led you to me, if you are so sure of yourself, grant me access to the Machine Empire tech, but give me a bit of your blood and sweat. Kessel, the Galactic Alliance choked out all illegal spice operations. Liberate Kessel from absentee Chancellor Lynd and get the smuggling going again, there are no negotiations on this," Torga spoke sternly.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:26 pm
by Luxeria
Luxeria listened as Sophia discussed business. As it went, it seemed her sway over this Hutt was nearly non-existent. Despite the value of what was offered, he wanted more and felt that nothing else would be acceptable and negotiable. Her fists tightened slightly as he spoke boldly to Sophia. She was tempted to speak out, speak what real options he had, but said nothing. This was Sophia's arena and it was best to let her play it out. Still, every fiber wanted to end him right now and find another who was wanting to lead, but knew where they stood when the duo was in the room.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:08 pm
by Sophia Valca
"We're in a war, you can either be a part of it...or not..." remembering the words of Nereus, she was sure they still applied. She swung her flechette gun around and armed it, "I have my task."

Torga bellowed a chuckle after a moment or two, "You really are a Valca aren't you? Very well then. I will aid you."

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:12 am
by Luxeria
Luxeria gave a smirk as Sophia spoke. Despite the attempt to negotiate and get something more out of the deal, the idea of only getting a shot to the face was enough to divert that negotiation. When one's life was on the line against someone that could easily take said life, one knew to bow down and accept reality.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:15 pm
by Sophia Valca
"I do not know how agreeable the hutt clans will be, so I believe I have enough pull to accomplish this with my own resources. You wish to cause civil unrest within Dynasty systems? I heard rumors that the great goddess revealed herself when Manaan was attacked by the machines...but all footage was scrubbed. A few batty witnesses claim to have seen a woman bathed in the brightest of light," Torga mused, "if she is physical...then she is not a god. I would start there. Spread seeds of doubt, like a politician, or an absentee chancellor."

Sophia raised an eyebrow, "Nobody noticed that the Chancellor has been missing?"

"Only us in the underworld, most have joined the Dynasty. The GA is not truly the power it was. People see it for the weak organization it is. The Dynasty provides that hope...kill the hope," he chuckled.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:48 am
by Luxeria
"You talk like that's unknown knowledge. We know quite well the hope the Dynasty gives the galaxy. Why do you think we came to you? After all, the task Sophia gave to you was to cause disruptions. With them chasing us around as the obvious enemy, we're working to destroy that hope by beating them down in frontal combat. It is up to you to disrupt their flow by causing other problems that force their attention and spread their forces even further than normal." Luxeria finally spoke, becoming slightly agitated with the Hutt. First, demanding more than what was being offered, thinking they could negotiate for more. Then to tell them the obvious knowledge they knew. Normally, she'd just be up for killing him. But knowledge was given to them that was unknown. A missing Chancellor, though it had no bearing on the Dynasty, could be useful in gaining another world or two.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 2:30 pm
by Sophia Valca
"You have my support," Torga stated, glaring at Luxeria for a moment. "I will talk with my contacts in various underworlds."

"Thank you," Sophia gave a slight nod and looked back to Luxeria who's gaze looked like she stabbed him ten thousand times over already.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:01 am
by Luxeria
Luxeria said nothing else as she kept her gaze on Torga. She wasn't about to be intimidated by a Hutt. It wouldn't be until business was finished and they left that she'd speak again. "So, where to now?"

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:07 pm
by Sophia Valca
"We claim the other slug worlds, and then take Kessel for ourselves. Cutting off alternative fuel sources for the Dynasty. With secondary fuel shipments going directly to us, and our sith allies, we can have an edge over the Dynasty," Sophia stated as they walked out.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:43 pm
by Luxeria
Luxeria nodded. "I see. I guess we better get to it. Lead the way"

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:56 pm
by Zalus Bidan
Zalus entered the Casino and it was as busy at it always was. He headed to the back where once again guards stopped him. He rolled his eyes and palmed both their groins and continued on. He shook his hands out and shook his head at Torga, lowering his aviators with condensation, "I told your men last time not to manhandle me. Now I'm here to negotiate a price for two Corellian Corvettes. Blood cleaned out of the hallways and all that jazz. Going market for a new one is...two million each."

Torga growled, and licked his lips, he hated the man but he was relentless, "I assume your bottom credit will be half that?"

Zalus clicked his tongue and smirked with a nod, "naturally, two million five hundred."

Torga scoffed, "Of course..."

"So to save on headaches...hand me two million one hundred thousand and we'll be good, for awhile," Zalus smirked, knowing he had the play.

Torga growled and bellowed a huff of deep resentment, "done, now leave."

Zalus streched his arms out in a mock bow, pretending to tip his non existent hat, "A pleasure always you beautiful bastard..." He turned on his heels and headed deeper into the Casino to find a few other shipmates.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:10 am
by Cadomedd
The Black Clover Casino stood in the night sky like a neon star. It's bright hues covered all who walked close to it. Its luminescent tentacles grabbed towards the weak-willed and pulled them closer into its walls until it had fully absorbed them. Cadomedd was at the casino's feet and could feel the pull of the lights. He could feel his fur inch with anticipation. The large beast walked into the main foyer. A sea of people crashed around him, everybody was rushing to find a spot of fortune. Cadomedd squeezed through the patrons, his large size not suited for the lobby. With a few more steps the beast food himself in the center of the Black Casino.

Cadomedd could only hear the music that was blaring all around him. The thumping beat matched his heart. The beast surveyed the room. There in front of him was a droid offering drinks, once the droid turned towards the wolf monster, it spun around on its wheels and left. Cadomedd chuckled. This was going to be a bit more challenging than he thought. He turned his head around to find what he came here for, a Sabacc table, and there sitting at the table was the largest Trandoshan Cadomedd had ever seen.

Zarb was a hulking dinosaur. His appearance around the card table was almost cartoonish if you didn't count the number of visible wounds on the lizard. The dinosaur played his hand. The dealer nodded. Zarb cheered.

Cadomedd walked towards the table, the smell of cheap alcohol and body sweat filling his nostrils.

"That's how you play, Sabaac boys!" Zarb exclaimed grabbing the large pile of coins in the center. "Who wants another round?"

With those words, a few gamblers threw their hands up in the air and walked away. Zarb boisterous laughed almost drowned out the music. That's when Cadomedd sat down. The lizard turned his head towards the wolf and instantly stopped laughing.

"No," Zarb said standing up leaving the table behind.

"Zarb!" Cadomedd followed the hulking trandoshan.

"Not today, wolfie" Zarb made his way to cash in his winnings. His face never turning around to see the overly excitable fuzzball.

"You don't even know..."

"Why are you even here? Don't you have a planet to laze on?" Zarb said cutting off the beast. His head now turned around to see Cadomedd. His eyes bright yellow, and full of frustration.

"Yes, I..." Cadomedd tried to talk once more but the trandoshan was having none of it.

"Let me guess, you are being hunted down by a mobster and need information where he is hiding so you can go find him," Zarb said his voice dripping with sarcasm and disdain.


"Let's not pretend that the last time I helped you never happened. Last time I stuck my neck out for you, me and my buddy Morgan were locked away in a prison on Bakura." Zarb handed his winnings over to the attendant who looked confused at this whole ordeal. He quietly sorted through Zarb's tokens. "For 15 years we were there! 15!" Zarb threw his hands up in the air in disgust.

Cadomedd mouth began to open.

"Well, not this time Cad! You can take you and your floral print shirts and shove them up your choobies!" The last words cut through the air. For a second the whole casino turned its head towards Cadomedd and the Trandoshan. The attendant quickly handed Zarb a stack of credits. Zarb grabbed the stack and turned way in fury.

"I'm looking for Mr. Q" The words fell out of Cadomedd's lips like water. Zarb stopped in his tracks.

The trandoshan was silent. He stared at the door in front of him. He could feel it drawing him in. He let out a large sigh, and turned around.

"Let's get a bite to eat...." Zarb said his voice now calm, cool...scared.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:55 am
by Zalus Bidan
Zalus was in a ritzy bar and put a couple thousand credits on a pod race. He then headed to the tables and flashed a large credit chit on craps. He smirked and rolled his dice on thirty six red, he ended doubling his money with a single roll. He decided to shoot the craps tables for while. He noticed the Sabaac tables were packed. He thought about renting a hotel room for a few days while he looked for crew members.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:48 pm
by Cadomedd
Cadomedd and Zarb sat at a table in the back corner. The pulsing music and lights seem to fade, finally a place to talk. Zarb leaned back in his chair and took out a deathstick from his pocket. He took out a match and lit the end of it. The smoke danced in the neon light. Cadomedd sat his eyes not leaving the trandoshan.

"Have you ever heard of breaking dawn?" Zarb said releasing a puff of smoke into the air.

Cadomedd thought about it, the name did sound somewhat familiar. He thought back, suddenly a memory clicked in his head as he remembered his time on Coruscant all those years ago. Cadomedd could see a Green hair man, and a night club not too similar than this, and a boy and a girl lost to time. He could still feel the pumping music, taste the bitter air, and see the chaos of Coruscant. His eyes lost their focus and he didn't even notice the Zeltron waitress who came by to get them started.

"Bring us a number 1, and uh...a bantha milk for the large furball" Zarb said, taking a hit off the deathstick. The Zeltron waitress nodded, a bit taken aback by the large patrons in front of her. Cadomedd shook his head and turned back to Zarb.

"Weren't they some sort of Coruscant gang?" Cadomedd asked trying to piece together a few more memories.

"They were..." Zarb said taking another drag of the deathstick. "Until a few years ago when Mr. Q arrived."

Cadomedd raised an eyebrow and leaned back in the booth. "Who's Mr. Q?"

"No one really knows, but he is trying to establish a foothold in the system. There has been some back forth amongst the higher-ups in the crime-world and Mr.Q, he's a ruthless bastard.

"You meet?"

Zarb finished his deathstick, holding in the fumes this time. Zarb didn't really want to talk about it, but here he was. He let out the giant cloud of smoke, it billowed into the neon pink light

"Morgan and I got into a scuffle about a month ago on Tatooine, we were moving some spice for a greasy dug. Little did we know that the dug had double-crossed Mr. Q. One second, things were perfect. Money was good, the product was good, the timing was good. But then like a storm he came, and before me and Morgan knew it the whole city was in smoke. The whole city, Cad. Mr. Q is dangerous, unpredictable and damn vandictive."

Zarb took a moment, thinking back to that day. He could feel the flames on his face, he could hear the screams all around, he could see the fear in Morgan's eyes. But the thing that scared him to this day was that at the end of all, a scarecrow of a man walked out. His face was held together by metal, his limbs seemed to be forced into his body, but his red eyes glowed with the intensity of several suns. Zarb would never forget that face.


Cadomedd's face was deep into the entree that the Zeltron brought back. The meat juices dripping off of his face as he stared at Zarb. Zarb quickly went for another deathstick.

"Yeah, so...uh...stay away," Zarb said staring off into the distance.

"But, he's coming to Nelvaan."

Zarb's head snapped towards Cadomedd.

"He's what?" Zarb asked his eyes going large.

"Coming to Nelvaan?" Cadomedd said looking at the trandoshan rather puzzled.

"So, when are you moving?" Zarb chuckled. "Look, Cad, if he is interested in Nelvaan that it would be best if you stayed away."

Cadomedd stopped eating. He wiped his mouth. Cadomedd's eyes began to glow in intensity

"Where's Mr. Q?"

"That's not the question you should be asking," Zarb said staring at the neon ceiling. "You should be asking where can I find one of his agents."

"And where can I find them?" Cadomedd asked finishing the last of the meal.

Zarb looked around and chuckled. "Don't worry, Cad. I pretty sure they willl find you..."

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Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:31 pm
by Breaking Dawn
The pink light of the casino coated the suited man. He reached into his pocket pulling out a pair of dark sunglasses. The monument of debauchery before him reflected in its dark tint. He placed them on his face.

"Are we going in or what?"

Greene turned around to see an armored Pantoran walk out of the shadows.

"Just taking a second to case the joint, Jaune" Greene said pushing his sunglasses further up his face, turning on the augmented reality imbibed in the frame. His eyes darted around the casino underneath the black lenses. There was a main entrance, large, most of the foot traffic. An employee entrance in the back. A side entrance for shipments. Greene kept looking at the building taking in every inch of its exterior.

Jaune, the blue-skinned man, crossed his arms over his Coruscant guard armor. "Whose our contact?"

"A large Trandoshan named Zarb. He should be playing Sabacc"

"Did you take care of our other problem?"

"Xul understood the consequences"

Greene walked into the Black Clover Casino. Jaune looked at the green-haired man before him. Greene had been with the gang the longest, he had been the right-hand man of the old boss. Jaune never knew what that guy was thinking. He was cold and calculated. Jaune adjusted the blaster rifle behind him and followed Greene into the castle of greed.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:47 pm
by Breaking Dawn
Green and Jaune walked through the doors, the pulsating music slapping them in the face. Greene's eyes were filled with profiles of random passerby's basic information nothing fancy. The green-haired man beckoned the blue-skinned Pantoran to follow him. They weaved their way through the labyrinth of gamblers. Green's eyes constantly scanning the room.

Jaune tapped Greene's shoulder. Greene turned. There at a table in the back was a large Trandoshan, and a large wolf-man. Greene reached for his blaster pistol. Jaune's hand grabbed his arm.

"What are you doing?" Jaune said through gritted teeth, quickly looking around to all the people around. "This is Torga's territory. If we start something here we can't go back."

"Our contact is meeting with the wolf-man who kicked us off of Nelvaan."

Jaune looked past Greene at the table. He saw the Trandoshan, and then he saw the hulking mass of blue fur. Jaune nodded to Greene, grabbing his blaster rifle.

"Looks like we've been compromised"

Greene without any hesitation lifted the blaster pistol at eye level and fired at the Nelvaanian.

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Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:08 pm
by Zalus Bidan
"You gonna call or are you gonna fold?" Zalus smirked from the table, pushing up his aviators. He had two pair and those around him had far better hands. He could see with scanners on his lenses. He smirked and bet and bluffed his way to a victory over a guy who had a flush. After the rest folded. He laughed and threw down his two pair and took his winnings, "name of the game man, you won't get far without risks." he was met with both groans and applause. Then a blaster bolt whizzed by him and he flipped the table for cover, pulling out his mandalorian ripper and a disruptor pistol. He had been blissfully unaware of the sudden scuffle. Screams erupted and Zalus rolled his eyes. He lost his winnings. He groaned and sat on his knees, peering over the table. He saw the only collective pair in the casino. So naturally he took a shot at the scaled one then too late, he saw the Breaking Dawn insignia.

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:02 pm
by Cadomedd

The plasma bolt flew through the air. It's vermillion color illuminating every inch it crossed.


Cadomedd's bantha milk exploded on the table. Zarb with one quick motion flipped the table they were sitting at. The loud clunk thundered throughout the chaos.

"This is why I stopped talking to you!" Zarb shouted. He patted around his pants for his blaster, gone. The trandoshan screamed in frustration. "For Kriff's Sake!"

Cadomedd peered over the table to see the two gentlemen standing before him. Cadomedd peered down at the table that Zarb had just flattened. He looked at Zarb and smiled.

"No. We are not"

Cadomedd's hands were already gripped around the table's legs.

"On the count of three"

"This is stupid Cadomedd..."


Zarb rolled his eyes and grabbed hold to the other legs.


Cadomedd and Zarb lifted the table off from the floor and began bull rushing their adversaries

Re: Black Clover Casino

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:14 pm
by Breaking Dawn
Greene swore under his breath. He really needed to work on his aim.


Another blaster bolt came hurling through the air, clipping Jaune in the shoulder. The Pantoran winced and ducked towards the nearest table. He turned back to Greene

"I got the blaster if you got our..."

Jaune's words were cut off by the battering ram hurling towards them. Greene stood his place and waited. He had only one shot at this.




Greene rolled to the side of the monsters. He could feel the wind rush by his head. He raised his blaster pistol, a clean shot. With a pull of a trigger, another bolt of plasma hurled its way towards the back of the Nelvaanian.

Jaune, reached towards his side grabbing a shock grenade. He peered around the room. He wasn't too sure where the second blast had come but he could make an educated guess. He pulled the pin and lobbed the grenade over his head.