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Recognition-Class Scout Vessel

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:17 pm
by Sintra Emlyn
Class: Scout Vessel (Based on the Pathfinder and Z-10 Seeker scout vessels. Links to Wookiepedia.)

Including wings and landing gear:
Length: 36 metres.
Breadth: 32 metres.
Height: 11 metres.
Excluding wings and landing gear:
Length: 35 metres.
Breadth: 14 metres.
Height: 5.5 metres.

Minimum: 1
Maximum: 4

Class 1.2 (Backup: Class 15)

Atmospheric Speed:
900 kph.

Minimal duralloy and ferroceramic.

A Novaldex system like on the Assault Gunboat, or similar. (Link to Wookiepedia.)

Two rotating turret mounts, one to port and one to starboard, each with twin laser cannons. Can be manned or remotely operated.

Up to 40 cubic metres, but shares some space with the supplies if with a larger crew.

Two months' worth for two people.

Escape Pods:
2, but launching them will pretty much blow the wings off.

Although designed and classed as a scout vessel, the frequent hostilities at the time it was first conceived result in heavier armament than would otherwise be the case. The twin turrets can fire forwards and back effectively, but their location on the sides of the ship results in unfortunate dead areas immediately above and below the hull. With no built-in missile capacity, some pilots have been known to replace the sensitive lower sensor bulge with a missile or torpedo launcher, although more safety-minded pilots tend to worry about having warheads separated from their feet by a very thin hatch.
The very vertically asymmetric design resulted in the ships quickly becoming known for having a "kill zone" and a "disabling zone". The upper side of the ship has a central ridge, housing the majority of the electronics; the lower half has essentially only hull plating between the crew and an unfortunate and rapid decompression, except beneath the cockpit where a sensitive sensor module is housed.
The design never reached widespread popularity, and was quietly discontinued some decades ago as its competitors grew both better and cheaper.

(Hidden because they're large.)
Top View
Deck Plan
Submission Notes:
I have some concept and deck plan sketches, which I'm adding to the post once I've improved the quality a little! (They're a bit, well, sketchy right now.)
This is the undamaged version, so at top spec. The beat-up one actually in play (which I hope I'm keeping vague enough for now to be a somewhat modified Pathfinder if the submission isn't accepted) may never look this good again...
I've never worked this closely with starship components before, so I hope I'm not missing too much. Please let me know if there's anything I can change to improve it.

Re: Recognition-Class Scout Vessel

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:39 pm
by Sintra Emlyn
Just added the top view and deck plan schematics. The side view will be along later, I need a break from drawing...