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Re: Empty Space

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:31 am
by Admiral Harris
Harris continued tapping away at the control panel, breaking only to give orders to the bridge crew who had become somewhat restless at the arrival of the newcomer. Then, as the Nagaian's words sift through the minds of the bridge, the crew falls silent. The thought of their lost leader bringing their work to a full stop.

"Nobody knows. Maybe you could use those fancy circuits in that skull of yours to help us out. The admiral takes the stub of a cigar from his mouth, small bits of tobacco gritted between his teeth as he glances around the room. Rarely did a bridge crew act in such a disorderly manner, and Harris understood the seriousness of their reasoning - they had been searching tirelessly for weeks with no leads of His whereabouts, no sign of His coming. But Harris couldn't let the pain of worry tear his crew apart. With a sigh, he nods.

"Back to work everyone." Said he, his piercing stare returning to the Nagai, his cigar returning to his lips.

Re: Empty Space

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:51 am
by Shayde
*This was, indeed, troubling news. If the Nagaian's oldest friend had died on what he considered his watch then there would be no forgiving himself. Granted, he had saved the man on multiple occasions from explosive Nelvaanians to the airless vacuum of space and each time he had felt guided to do so - as if it were a different force urging him to save the man. He couldn't even remember why or how the two of them had met in the first place, but they had bonded almost instantly.*

And how long has he been 'missing' from the Dynasty, Harris? How long has it been since I last saw you and he on the bridge of the Derriphan?

*The Shadow had taken the time to focus his energies again when he noticed the restlessness of the crew, focusing his questions to the mind of the Admiral rather than the entirety of the bridge.*

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Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:27 pm
by Admiral Harris
The Derriphan. That was the word on everyone's mind these days. As the grand flagship of the fleet and personal vessel of the one who made the stars cry out, the Derriphan had led her people into countless victories against the wretched Jedi armada. The Derriphan had even led the fleet to battle in what seemed to be only a few months ago. Those in charge of what remained of the dynesty knew that the Emperor spent much of his time in the Eastern Outer Rim, entombed within his base of operations. But it was just as likely to find him aboard his ship, travelling the gaps between worlds. The Derriphan was His last known location. That was their best chance of finding their ruler. If there even was a chance left.

"Too long."Harris made his way towards the large viewports at the head of the bridge and beckons Shayde to follow, wanting to distance himself from the crew before continuing.'

"The survivors have been searching for Him for months. The Steward has us stretched across the galaxy chasing false leads, but no one has any idea where the emperor is. Hell, the last thing anyone here remembers before the last month was Bakura. The superweapon was ready to fire. We had the Jedi on the run, and just when we could taste victory -"The admiral pauses, dropping the cigar stub to the steel floor of the deck as a cloud of smoke exits his nostrils.

That was almost thirteen years ago."

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Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:08 pm
by Shayde
*Thirteen years... He had been dead for thirteen years?! Suddenly the Shadow's vision blurred and he felt light-headed. Losing balance, he grips the nearby console, his hand shaking, as he tries to pull himself together. His memories of the nothingness seemed like an eternity's worth - he had not expected it to have been only thirteen years. But, then again, thirteen years for Harris had felt like only a few months and he didn't look to have aged more than that. Something strange had certainly happened, of that the Nagaian was certain.*

Admiral I can sense a great disturbance in the Force. Something is wrong here...something is wrong with us...and if we are to discover what that is...

*The mouthless man turns his eyes once more to the stars - staring out into the vast unknown like a man who has lost his purpose.*

...then we have to find Jeriko.

Re: Empty Space

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:18 pm
by Admiral Harris
"That's prosaically what I aim to do, comrade. And there's one location we haven't looked yet." Harris pulls another cigar from his chest pocket and places it between his gritting teeth. He turns to the crew, his voice filled with his usual conviction for the first time in weeks.

"Helmsmen, make route to the rendezvous point and engage hyperdrive!" And with that, the Cyrodii rips into hyperspace once more, leaving the unknown region behind, its destination...

The Koobi System.

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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:33 pm
by Sergimot Corvo
The Centaur slammed out of space and began drifting. There was nothing of any note in the immediate region and so no reason to expend energy firing counter-thrusters to bring the ship to a stop. Thus, she drifted. In the cockpit, a small white nimbus hovering over the console came to life with a simulated gust of wind and Triel appeared, floating lightly on holographic wings that complimented her somewhat angelic appearance. Her chosen avatar was in fact a wind elemental from old methology. She drifted around the cockpit interacting with a number of panels and satisfying her curiosity about the region of space they were in.

"Most definitely off the chart."

A great black wolf with shocks of ruddy fur entered the cockpit then, having pawed a control panel outside. He yowled at the elemental and nudged another panel with his nose.

"It appears you were right. There's obviously nothing in this immediate sector but the signal is stronger than before. Strong enough to get a rough location on."

The wolf eyed the screen for a moment, then dipped its head in something akin to a nod. It turned to depart from the cockpit and was almost gone when Triel called after it.

"Hey Serge, why the long face?"

The wolf huffed a gentle bark that might have passed for a laugh, and swished it's tail at the wind-bound hologram. Then it was gone. Triel waved her hand across the control console and then pointed forward out the viewport. The ship's hyperdrive powered up and fired, launching the ship further in the unknown beyond.

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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:47 pm
by Sergimot Corvo
When the Centaur dropped out of hyperspace again, there was no wolf in the ship. Serge sat in the cockpit with a long grey sash around his waist, eyeing the nav-systems. There was a roughly estimated map of the "unknown region" that had been circulating for years, but each time someone was brave or bored enough to venture in, they usually came back with a slightly updated version. This ship's systems had contributed to several of those updates.

"The signal is strong enough to triangulate now. Assuming we don't crash into anything we could get there in one more jump. You wanna risk it?"

"Girl, what have we even got to live for?" *Asked Serge, laying a sarcastic stare on his AI companion* "Is there anything on the sensors between here and there? I'm not worried about anything beyond gravity wells."

"No, if the story is that simple we should be fine."

"Make the jump, I'll go gear up. Estimated time?"

"Half an hour, take your time."

Triel waved her hand and pointed forward once again, driving the ship into hyperspace toward the rogue signal. Serge headed into the interior of the ship where he traded his sash for a regular set of cloths. He strapped on his harness and hung a couple items off it. In space he didn't much favor his cloak, so he strapped on his booster chassis and attached his preferred weapons to it. Then he checked his vacuum-seal system and sat down to wait.

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Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:32 pm
by Zalus Bidan
Zalus' Exo Suit dropped out of hyperspace. With predatory eyes and a gleeful smirk he saw his target. The Nebulon B Frigate with the Galactic Alliance sigil on the nose, and teal striping down the body. He wondered why it was carrying fuel for a fleet. The GA had no fleet and no army, unlike the Jedi now. He assessed the plan of attack and ran it through his mind.

"Ignore all hails you two, and follow me to their hangar. Blow their hangar shields and make sure those vulture droids are on fire at the ready. We land hard and quick," he deactivated rhe hyperspace ring locks and the three vessels broke off and made a beeline for the frigate.

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Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:52 pm
by Zalus Bidan
His fighters screamed towards the target as he led the charge. He used his hud to target the external shield projectors outside the hangar while he rolled and weaved through point defense fire. He swore he could feel the heat even in the cockpit. He flicked the right stick and brought to bear the chaingun attached to the right arm. He unloaded on one of the turrets guarding the hangar, and the vultures took care of the generator and the other turret. Laser fire whizzed by him as he weaved right and left. He watched the targeted turret erupt in flames, and off to his left he watched the secondary turret and the hangar shield explode. He had limited time to make his move, he went in full throttle as the safety doors closed in on the hangar to keep the pressure from escaping. The vulture droids followed in and landed on either side of the exo suit. He had two choices, he could either capture the vessel, or blast it to oblivion. Security was already attempting to set up a defense against him. He shrugged and unloaded the chain gun on them, spattering their sad bodies against the opposite wall. ::I'm not a fan of corrupt and disconnected diplomats with a god complex. God Emperor Lynd can pretend he sits on a throne of success over a temporary halt in spice smuggling. This ship is mine, and I'm probably going to kill you all if you stay. No, actually, definitely going to. Take your escape pods and the the hell off my cruiser!::

It was a mad dash for the escape pods for crew and guards. The exo suit was terrifying as it was a rarity, and easily seen as a trademark. What Zalus did not tell them is that the droids hacked into the targeting systems, and started to fire at the escape pods with the point defense turrets as they escaped. They left only one or two pods untouched as they blasted off into the unknown. The two astromechs disembarked from their vulture droids and headed up to the bridge to get the ship on a course back to the Hutt worlds, and back to Torga. It was mission accomplished.