F03L; Hidden Genetics Laboratory

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F03L; Hidden Genetics Laboratory

Post by Deniel Yann » Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:50 pm

Large vats of transparent materials, filled with liquids... Stasis chambers, incubation pods, tools that have no other visible purpose but to twist and distort...

Within this lab, the chief scientist played god with genetic samples of higher lifeforms, without the knowledge of those outside the hidden sectors. The primary goals of this lab were simple; To take sentient species, and improve them. Ethics were left behind, and all sense of morality.

Unlike most of the rooms in the observatory, this one has seen the worst. Projects are left abandoned, and there is a distinct rot of death. In one section of the room, failed experiments are stored in stasis, for a planned revisitation that never came. Tools are spread across the room, and notes littered about without any pattern. Burns streak across the floors and certain walls, and light dents upon the insides of doors.

But one time, all was not so. One time, it remained a clean lab, lowered from the rest to make way to the observation windows on the western wall, where one can oversee the operations at the two rectangular workbenches running parallel through the lower two thirds of the room, and the machinery that takes a prominent display of the remaining part of the room.

Map (Uncolored, Rectangular)
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