Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

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Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Demens Canis » Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:47 pm

Mine 014 is one of the biggest mine complexes on Alzoc III. Thousands of slaves, no longer just Talz but intergalactic criminals as well, work in the deadly pits and conditions. The Overseer of the mine drives the slaves without mercy, forcing them to meet extreme quotas. His tireless work for profit has elevated amongst the mining guilds to a position of power and luxury.

The mines are overlooked by a security complex, six guard towers surrounding the hole in the ground, and a large bunker as the center of command and the guard barracks.
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Demens Canis » Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:19 pm

The guard on duty in tower three spots a group of about fifty descending a hill towards the mine. The group is barely noticeable as they are all decked out in cold weather gear, but it isn't bright colored, its almost camoflage. He picks up his binoculars and examines the group...to discover that they're armed. He picks up his blaster rifle wondering what this group is doing...then he frowns and goes to the radio and radios it in. The bunker can't pin point them so he gets up to take another look...but the group is gone. Almost as if they had never existed. He radios to command that it must have been a trick of light, then goes back to his coffee and holonet. The door opens and he turns, to find a man in a long trench coat and sunglasses pointing a blaster pistol at him. "I'm surprised, no alarm." He says

The guard hits the alarm button and klaxxons go off, but the man just laughs. "To late, my men have already killed your other guards."

The guard looks and sure enough Nelvaanians occupy the tower. They begin firing on the bunker with small arms, rocket launchers and blasters. The guard runs for his blaster but the man in the trench coat is fast, he kicks the blaster aside then bashes the guards head against the console. When the guard collapses to the ground, he stomps on his head, cracking the skull, stomps on it again and kills the man.

Demens radios his troops. ::Right, display the bodies:: He then grabs a rope ties it around the neck of the guard he just killed and drags the guard outside onto the balcony. He ties the other end of the rope to the railing, then tosses the body over, letting the body drop and dangle high above the ground. Shortly afterwards all 6 towers have corpses hanging from the railings. It is an erie sight, and Demens knows that the overseer will be scared as well as his green guards. He descends from the tower to the ground where he meets with his troops they advance to the bunker and stop.

::Surrender and your lives will be spared:: Commands a voice speaker.

Demens raises an eyebrow then turns to one of the Nelvaanians. "Rocket launcher."

The Nelvaanian hands him the weapon and Demens turns and shoots the speaker, then hands it back to the Nelvaanian. "Good weapon, hang onto it," he says with a grin. "Stark, the door."

The Nautolan nods his head, then waves to a nelvaanian. They walk up to the iron door and stretch Thermal detonator tape across the doorway in a giant X, then plant a detonator in the middle. "Fire in the hole," says Stark, just as the door blows.

Demens walks through the smoke and into the complex, T-6 Blaster's drawn, and as he comes through the smoke, he faces a large group of 6 guards, blasters pointed at him. "S-s-surrender and y-your life will be spared" stammers one. Demens grins, "n-n-not happening." He then opens fires. The stammering guard takes a bolt through the head, which passes through his skull and hits the man behind him in the shoulder. Another guard goes down with three holes burned into his chest, while another clutches at the burning wound in his stomach, the last guard drops his blaster and recieves it right between the eyes. The man that had been shot in the shoulder, Demens plants his boot on the man's neck, then shoots the man clutching his stomach. He turns to stark. "Bring the heads," then walks off down the hall as the hum of a vibroblade flares.

Demens walks into the command bunker to find all the guards with their hands in the air, blasters at their hips, and the overseer standing in the middle of them, sweating like a pig. "What do you want," the man demands.

Demens motions for Stark to step forward and the nautolan throws the heads down at the overseer's feet. "I brought you your men, or what's left of them."

The overseer's face goes white and several of his men get sick. "What is it that you want?"

Demens smiles. "I want to send you a message. You're now under my protection, you're going to be making payments to my organization, big ones. If me and my group don't get paid," Demens just points and shoots, blasting a guard in the knee with his T-6, "accidents might happen, pirates might hit your mine. To many of those and you'll end up out of business."

The overseer nods as his color returns. "You will recieve payments every two weeks sir."

Demens grins. "Good, and another thing, get some better guards here," he shoots one between the eyes, then watches as the guard sways on his feet, then falls forward onto his knees, then drops to the ground. "These current ones don't know when to duck." Demens then turns and motions to the nelvaanians and Stark and Glitch, and without another word they are gone.

The overseer watches them disappear from sight then turns to his guards. "Get those corpses out of here, and double the worker shifts. I don't ever want to see that man come back here, I don't intend to give him reason to."
Take what you can
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The only rules that matter are what a man can do, and what a man can't do.

Blasters don't kill people, I do!!!

This Galaxy deserves a better class of criminal, and I'm gonna give it to'em.
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Valstrol Horica » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:35 pm

::Who is this?...why are mining illegally on my world??...i am the Regent of this planet and i demand an explanation::
"Fear. Fear attracts the fearful. The strong. The weak. The innocent. The corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally."
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Emeline » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:58 am

Out of Character Note: Emeline has more story to come. Thank you for not interacting unless I ask.

"Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right."
"Your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear."

Little Talks, of Monsters and Men.

A frigid night, buried deep in the Alzoc III Mines:

A human woman sat alone in the quietest place she could find. There weren’t many quiet places in the hellish mine. It was enough to overload one’s senses… even when she knew those senses had been trained and honed for so many years. If only she could remember. Hearing sounds of clashing—yelling—screaming—brawls—slave drivers—pain. It never stopped. The woman drew a shaking breath in, and willed herself to find quiet. To make some kind of sense in the haze she felt.

Her surroundings were dim. However had it been lighter, the woman would have appeared around 30 years in physical age, with pale skin hidden underneath inadequate winter clothing, smeared with layers of dirt and grime from working. Pulled into a day-old braid, her hair was a dark chestnut brown.

It was too cold here.

The woman sighed and scrunched her eyes. Her eyes had been closed for several minutes. Her body was exhausted, but her mind raced endlessly, keeping her awake. Sleep was scarce, and unwelcome, so she tried to use the little time she had to really think. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t where she belonged.

Trying so hard to focus, Emeline raked her memories for anything to seemed to make sense. Her mind felt damaged. There was so many puzzle pieces but none of them fit together. Everything was… so hazy and disjointed, and the same questions always returned unanswered. Where had her memories gone?

How long had she been here? Why was she here in the first place? Where exactly was this place in the universe? What where the actions that led to the consequences that came to all this?

In a desperate effort to feel like she was making any kind of progress in finding some answers, the woman’s mind retreated to past meditations and memories. It went as far back into her childhood and it could and worked up.

A young child with dark eyes training to be a priestess. Realizing she was different than the other children. Jedi strangers came to take her away from her home on Chandrilla, but it felt right. She wasn’t afraid then, it was bright. She was prepared to do the will of Ashla.

The memories continued to flow, and in them she grew. The quiet of the garden. The calm of sitting with her master, Mon Taran. Reflecting and training. Listening to the elders.

A memory of a broken temple stood out from the others. Light. Ashla has graced her with many things, but Light was the center of it. It was the very center of her. Everything Emeline has ever done revolved around it and through it. Ever circling her, and she had embraced it so wholeheartedly.

“You can find answers…” she whispered through dry lips. “Just keep going.”

Even through the hazy gaps she was trying to navigate, one person couldn’t not be remembered. K’ven. Her K’ven. Out of all the unlikeliest possibilities that could have combined in the universe, it would have been her and him. Emeline thought the Ashla must have a sense of humor to lead such opposites together, but they completed one another. Together life was brighter and better than she had ever known.


Emeline did not notice the tears slipping down her face leaving small little trails through the dust that had settled there. It was bad to cry here… too frozen, even in the relative shelter from the elements. But, she didn’t notice.

Beautiful little Chessa.

Before K’ven, Emeline had never even considered the possibly of being a mother, let alone so young. Maybe it was the roots instilled in her back with the priestesses, maybe the busyness of a life training with the Jedi. Life was a short and beautiful vapor given to them by Ashla. When Emeline and K'ven knew, they jumped together into their life.

Their Chessa so was bright.

With the thoughts of her daughter, came one of the most blurry but also… most vibrant days in the list of ever recurring memories. This specific day had been reflected a thousands times in all the details she could muster, but maybe going through it again would help.

Alike so many memories in the Jedi woman’s life, a bright glow of goodness surrounded this one —
Emeline has been sitting by a bright window in her home at the Jedi Temple. Settled up against the glass she’d laid five little flower pots; each the color of dusty clay. They were neatly filled with dirt and a single seed that had not started to sprout yet.

Outside the window were flowers and plants of every kind blooming in great welcoming abundance. Hidden deep and safe in the vast room of a thousand fountains, was the simple dwelling she’d been granted permission to call home in the Temple. Outside the house in the garden, her daughter played with another Jedi youngling like herself. Chessa, too, was Force-sensitive, and was just getting old enough to begin learning what that meant for her.

In the specific moment watching through the window, Emeline had been thinking about the future and how bright it could be for Chessa. With whatever training she might choose to do, and with her father’s own Mandalorian family and culture, their daughter had such a bright, wide-open life of possibilities.

Everything had seemed so good and bright. Only days before this moment, had Emeline discovered her little daughter was to be an older sister. Timing wise, it had not been what Emeline had expected, but this child too was loved. Everything was bright.

Emeline had been convinced this would be the perfect day. K’ven had been away on duty for over a month again, and was scheduled to return to the Jedi Temple that night. She’d triple-checked the calendar they’d made together to make sure. Keeping that in mind, she had began planning dinner and a small celebration. She was so excited to tell him about their baby.

But that never got to happen.

On her cold patch of ground in the mine, the Jedi woman silently clenched her teeth as if she was expecting another blow to the face as she continued to search through this memory. (She’d had enough of those for a lifetime in this mine…)

A change came out of nowhere! Like a bolt of lighting striking the ground, jolting shock and unimaginable energy. Loud, bright, dark, flashing. Lighting that hit her. Struck the world. Struck all the worlds? The Force felt so strong here. Emeline had never experienced anything like it before. A tornado of emotion and color struck her.

Beside her window, the little clay pots she’d so lovingly finished planting seemed to crumble and shatter. The bright flowers, garden and home around her vanished from sight in a blur so fast that she couldn’t react.

Emeline had no way of knowing what kind of time had passed before she opened her eyes again. She found herself laying on the ground in a unending cloud of dark grey.
Everything... felt... wrong. The Force felt different here, wherever
here was.

Emeline had always known calmness. To her, being calm was as natural as breathing. The Light she’d been born with. The Light she’d been dedicated to the priestesses for as an infant. The Light the Jedi had come to her world to claim her for; to teach and to train her for something brighter still…

But here in this dark place, Emeline felt a weight on her chest. A smothering, dark, weight. A panic that had come over her in such an intrusive wave that even breathing was difficult.

"Chessa!" She couldn't hear herself. Why couldn’t she hear? Did the Force send her telepathic cry to her child? Had she used her vocal chords at all, or her lips even move? She didn't know anything.

The numbness she didn't even realize had come upon her started to fade. As it did she began to realize there was a vast Jungle behind the grey. The sight of trees
almost was able to calm her, but… these oozing black trees did not seem like they would be ones to get along with her. She felt both closest and clinging to, yet also farther away from Ashla than she’d ever been in her life. Emeline tried again, in a fervent prayer.

(Where's my daughter? Be bright. Be brave. Don't let her be afraid.)

The Force felt different here, but yet the Force was definitely here. Some fragment of the energy seemed to nod in understanding of her urgency in locating her daughter, and began to lead Emeline by a string of unseen light through the grey and the jungle. The Jedi woman was able to feel her child through it, and came to the understanding her daughter would be at the end if she followed and trusted this one thread of light in the blackness. She noticed that the light seemed to split off at a point, then returned to circle around around her mid torso. Feeling her heart beat inside she realized that despite what had happened, and even if she knew nothing else, her daughter was alive, currently safe. Actually, both her daughters were safe, though something was very wrong here. The Force needed something? Even if it was in just a small way, it needed… her? This reality she has been transported to felt like a beacon crying out for help, and Emeline felt she had not been the only one to hear it.

Back in the mine, Emeline shook her head to stop that particular memory. So very much had happened after that. She’d recalled it over and over and nothing changed when she did. She was missing pieces of it. That was so frustrating. Pieces of the days, the years after that. She felt like she had most of them but something was definitely missing.

She rested her aching head on her knees, curling tighter into a ball, and considered trying to welcome the sleep that evaded her.
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Emeline » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:51 pm

"You're alone, you're on your own.
So what, have you gone blind?
Have you forgotten what you have and what is yours?"

King, Lauren Aquila

Sleep had not come.

Use logic.

Emeline knew facts. Memories may have been hazy, but she had a few of the corner pieces in the puzzle. One fact was that she had unfrozen from a carbonite status pod. That was the first unpleasant thing she remembered from this darkened new chapter in her life, though it was far from the last. She could not remember why she was in the pod, but it had definitely appeared to be an older model than the few she’d observed in a lab back at the Jedi temple before all this. While memory loss wasn’t a common side effect of carbonite poisoning that she was familiar with, the condition of the pod, and the gaps in the story that led up to this place, and how very alone she was, brought her to the conclusion that something had gone terribly wrong.

Instead of replaying her memories word for word this time, Emeline tried to summarize the eventful years that had propelled her to this point. There had been lots of Force sensitives there in the corrupted jungle, and the great plain and mountains beyond that. Many Jedi, some not. Together they had been summoned by the desperate Ashla. Together, they answered the Ashla’s plea. There had been few other choices, but it didn’t matter. Serving the Light was a promise she’d bound herself to long ago.

Also in that early time, Reverie was born. Just as beautiful as her sister, yet so different in every way. Emeline wished her K’ven could have been there too. Or that life might have been more certain for this tiny second daughter, born into a home that remained so unwelcoming. As a child born without any increased gifts in the Force, Reverie was even less equipped for this place than a Sensitive infant might have been. But they were working together to change this world, and to heal this heart of the Ashla.

It took several years, but together the Jedi and all other sensitives that had been called by Ashla were able to heal and bring the balance that the Force needed. They built a sort of haven and community in that first year. Their work became more clear. Beyond survival, the group of Jedi and their kin began to thrive. They could work so much better now.

Things continued to be hazy and unclear in these memories, but after they had healed the Nexus, the Force seemed content again. If things had gone how Emeline might have imagined or wished, she would have been return home at that point. That however is not what happened. Instead, she and so many others found themselves deposited on an abandoned mining planet. somewhere far from the frozen mining planet she was on now.
Not everyone who had been together previously made it there. She did not know what had happened to the others.

Emeline grasped for grains of sand in a foggy beach of memories. She could barely remember faces from the mine planet. She could not remember her daughters. Had they been with her still? Had they been together? Emeline so deeply hoped that Chessa, Reverie, and every single brother or sister she’d spent so many years with… she hoped they all ended up so much closer to home than she was in this frozen place.

Together, those left had continued to survive and began to formulate plans to eventually return to their home planets. But at the time, they had not possessed the resources to do so…

And then more gaps. More events that she could not drag to mind.

The more she thought of home, the stronger it stung. The thought of home was supposed to be bright, but nothing here in this dark world felt bright. This felt like the furthest she'd ever been from anything. From Ashla and the Force. From her family. From the Brightness that was always within each strand of her life. That had always been within her. Over and over she'd tried to feel it, but it had been extinguished. She'd tried to call out, to reach out to anyone or anything. But either the Force was further from her than she could reach, or the Ashla had chosen to avoid her. Emeline hoped that the damage was something internal to herself or her senses, and not a consequence of some failing she’d committed that caused the Force to simply forsake her. But… it was so hard in this place. Emeline tried so hard to be optimistic, but she'd never had to be in the dark before. She really didn't know how to, and though she’d dedicated her life to training and being prepared… it was not enough.

Here she sat, in this bleak corner of a dormitory in a frozen slave-manned mine… She felt entirely unready for this emptiness.

She clung to logic. Stripping her grief away from the memories pared them down to bare facts. Logic couldn’t elude her. Obviously something had gone wrong with the plan to return home. This was clear by the fact that Emeline had been unfrozen from a carbonate stasis pod… alone and in unkind hands. It was unfortunate that the next thing she knew was being thrown into a slave colony with no one recognizable in sight and no connection to anything.

But it gave her the slightest sliver of hope that she’d gotten even this far. This was the Alzoc system. It was in known space. Near the Western Rim. How she prayed that the others made it home. Another sting hit her with that thought. She had no idea what had become of her daughters. It was painful enough to not know what had become of her husband in the many years since she had last seen him, but to not know where her children could be in the universe was unsettling as anything could be.

She imagined this must have been how K’ven felt when all this started. She willed yet another silent prayer that they’d made it home, that all the others did and somehow her pod was the solitary lost one that faced some extraordinarily unanticipated issue. But there was no logic or facts there; only a mother’s wish.

Though she was much more than exhausted, sleep was not something that would come. When the sounds of small furred animals broke her concentration, Emeline opened her eyes to realize the sun would rising over the pit soon. Although it was much dimmer in the underground ore purification areas where she'd been assigned, the operations of the mines themselves still picked up pace when the worst hours of the frozen nights were over. Emeline uncurled from her bit of blanket, and struggled to pull her shoes back over her bruised and blistered feet. She had to be ready to work at first light.

Light didn't mean the same thing anymore. It no longer felt warm, good, or bright.
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Emeline » Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:36 pm

Lost in darkest blue
Endless labyrinths weaving though
Will you stagger on
With no star to light your way?

-You're Not Alone, Kate Covington

Weeks later… or some passage of time.

It was hard to tell how much time passed while down in the mines. Occasionally, it would be sunny out, but in the thick blizzarding weather on this planet, sunshine was scarce. The way here basically seemed to be one worked until you were allowed to stop. No specific time that was the same each day, although keeping time here was impossible. If you were lucky, there would be some stale food scraps left for you, or what the slaves referred to as the “Mush of the day”. Often right after work for the day was completed, there was pushing and shoving involved to get to the food. Emeline just didn’t feel like fighting tonight. Fighting was too exhausting anyway. She needed to save what strength she had for working.

Besides, all the slaves here needed to keep up what little energy they had. The ones rushing to dinner probably need it more. She often thought to herself.

Instead, the 30 year old spent any extra time trying to meditate and rest. That was rather difficult to do as well, and meditating often was proving exhausting in a way it never had been before. While technically there was designated sleeping quarters, the pain in those rooms where often too much to take. Emeline had found herself a quieter place behind some age old crates in a storage room. The layers of grime and dust on the stack crates indicated that no one had touched them in quite some time. The Jedi woman just needed time to herself after such long days.

Not everyone in the mine was terrible to be around. Every person and creature here had a story to tell if you listened. Some shared theirs willingly, others didn’t. Often the stories told themselves through the night terrors and screaming heard every night. Some of the slaves had deep hope of returning to their lives someday. Most had accepted the reality that they would be here until death took them.

For Emeline, her thoughts were somewhere in between. She was not ready to except that this was it, but for her whole life she’d left her fate in the hands of Ashla. Maybe that meant spending the rest of her life here. She certainly didn’t see any other options. The other slaves would sometimes speak of rebellion and escape, but it never ended well for them. There was so much death in this place. One day someone would be working by your side, the next day gone.

When one becomes unuseful for any reason in the mine, they were gotten rid of. Emeline shuddered at that thought. This was indeed a despicable place.

Among the slaves who were tolerable to be in the company of, there was one slave who often worked in the same part of the mine as Emeline who had formed a interest in her. A woman who was also human, somewhere perhaps in her early fifties. Her name was Eda. Humans weren’t very common in this mine, as in general they were weaker than what was excepted here. But they wouldn’t be wasted if they ended up here, so they’d work until they were of no use.

Eda however had somehow managed to survive down here quite a while. When Emeline asked her how long she’d been here, Eda didn’t know, but explained that she was younger than Emeline when she started. That might have given Emeline some small sliver of hope. Not of returning to her life, but that it was possibly to push through all this and at least survive. For now...

“I brought you a biscuit,” came the familiar voice. Eda had no problem with pushing through the crowds to get first dibs on the meal.

“Oh, thank you very much.” Emeline took the hard rock of a biscuit in earnest gratitude, and held it in her lap. She wasn’t actually very hungry at the moment. She was remembering back in the temple, there was a sweet nectar she would sometimes eat with soft biscuits. It had been so long since she’d tasted something sweet, and couldn’t quite remember exactly what it was like.

“Just eat it Em. It’s best fresh.”

Nothing about this biscuit was fresh, but Emeline nibbled at it to humor Eda. For some reason that Emeline couldn’t comprehend, Eda had taken it upon herself to insure Emeline was eating and resting. It was a sweet gesture, that did not go unappreciated though the Jedi woman felt she had no method of repaying the kindness.

The two often sat together. Sometimes in silence, but often enough Eda told Emeline stories. Stories of her life, her family, her dreams. As the days went by, Emeline never knew what Eda would share. Just when she felt she couldn’t possibly learn anything else about this woman, Eda would jump in with another shocking story of some random event in her life.

Emeline found she quite enjoyed Eda’s stories, probably almost as much as Eda took pleasure in sharing them. It was a good feeling to have someone around, even if their conversations were only a small distraction from the reality of this terrible place. They didn’t distract for long either, as they were always cut off by the calls that it was time to return to the reality and abuse throughout their days.
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Emeline » Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:10 pm

On another night,

“Wake up Emeline. Hush now.”


It didn’t take long for the Jedi woman to wake under the gentle rubbing of Eda’s hand. Emeline didn’t remember what she had been dreaming of, everything was just a blur. From the sweat on her face and the feeling of her heart beating so fast, she concluded it had probably been another nightmare. Nightmares were a relatively new concept for Emeline. Sure. she had endured them in the past but… here they were almost a nightly expectancy. There was nothing to do about it.

“Thank you Eda… I.. am alright now. I think.”


The older woman nodded, helping Emeline sit up in the process. Eda had no trouble sleeping here anymore. She had, a long time ago, but nightmares faded away with her youth. Originally Eda had taken an interest in Emeline because she’d reminded her of her daughter, whom she’d not seen since she was a young child. She remembered a few months ago when the guards first brought the younger human woman down to their area. It was clear she’d never been a slave before, which was fascinating. She was wild and strong willed beneath her calm appearance. This place was ruining her, as it did to most.

“It’s nearly morning now anyway,” the older woman said with a sigh. “There’s no point in trying to sleep again.”

Reassuring words were pointless, but moving on to something different would help. The grey haired woman stroked Emeline’s sweat drenched wisps of hair from her brow. Her hair was a similar color to what hers used to be before the grey. Only a little darker than her daughter’s too.

“You know, once when Aleana was around five, she told me she wanted to chop off all her beautiful hair. Her father was dead against it. I loved her beautiful little brown braids, but didn’t care much about…”


Emeline pulled herself up with the help of her friend and leaned tiredly of her shoulder. Slowly nodding at the information that it was nearly morning, the Jedi women let her mind wander off to the sound of Eda sharing yet another story about her family. Her daughter this time? Emeline couldn’t focus enough to really pay attention, but in the time she’d gotten to know the older woman she’d realized that Eda’s stories didn’t need to be heard. Their purpose was to distract or calm or whatever was needed at the time. Her voice just served as a shield, a sound to drown out the sounds of all the others experiencing nightmares of their own, both in waking and sleeping.

“I tried to put my daughter’s hair in braids.” Emeline quietly tuned into some small aspect of the conversation, and consciously took up her turn at fighting the darkness just a little. “Chessa Lyn has wild curls that refuse to stay put.” A lovely image of her two bright daughters filled the emptiness of her mind, “Reverie has hair similar to my own, but she severely dislikes having her hair tied back at all. I never understood why but…”


The morning whistle blew, meaning it was time to start another day’s work. Emeline gave Eda the faintest smile, and together they made their way to the processing rooms.
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

Post by Emeline » Sat Mar 02, 2019 9:04 pm

She never slows down.
She doesn't know why,
But she knows that when she's all alone,
It feels like it's all coming down.

- Stand in the Rain, Superchick

On this particular day, Emeline had been assigned the task of shoveling excess rocks and dirt over to their designated area from where other workers were actively mining. For most of the workers here, it would have been a pleasant rest from their average day, but the shovel-like tool the Jedi woman had been instructed to use (instructed meaning thrust in her arms with not much more than a grunt in the direction of the pile.) had been made for a Talz on the taller side, and was as such far too large for her to properly work with. Slowly but with purpose and determination, Emeline did her part.

It was not shown on her face nor in her actions, but inside the human woman was terribly troubled and distracted. Some of her memories were returning to her, including that this was not the first mining planet she’d been deposited on since that fateful day the Jedi had been called away by Ashla.

On this other world, if her newly released memories could be trusted, many of the other Jedi were there with her. She could not remember any people there besides the Jedi. Had the place been abandoned before their arrival? Puzzle pieces were slowly starting to click. Yes, it must had been abandoned. That must be why all the technology, including her stasis pod, were of past models. She vaguely remembered working on repairing a ship. She sighed. K’ven would have been so much better than her at that.

Reverie was definitely there with here, and had returned in many memories. The corner of her mouth showed just a slight upturn of a smile thinking about her younger daughter. Tough little girl that one was. She always wanted to prove something. Emeline didn’t need anything proven to be proud of both her daughters but had the impression Reverie’s motives where driven by her lack of Force sensitivity. Emeline had reassured her over and over that it wasn’t a bad thing, but felt like the message maybe never quite got though. After all, the child was raised where she’d never met a non Force sensitive. That was bound to be challenging and confusing for her.

Struggling with the shovel, Emeline dumped her current load of rocks and starting dragging it back toward the pile for more.


Chessa had not been in the memories of the mining planet. Any of them. Emeline tried and tried to to figure how why but there was no explanation lying beneath the memories that had returned to her. Secretly deep down in a quiet voice that Emeline refused to speak even to herself, she feared perhaps Chessa had died somewhere alone the journey. The child was only 11 when they’d healed the nexus planet, maybe it had been too much for her?..

No. She refused to let that thought linger. Chessa and Reverie were both somewhere out there, as well as K’ven. Her little family was going to be alright. Emeline just needed to finish the puzzle and assuredly she would figure something out. She had to.

They would be reunited.

Scooping up another heavy shovel full of dirt and rocks, Emeline continued to think of her family. This time, particularly the day she and K’ven promised themselves to each other.

“Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde.”

Her voice was soft, as the words of her husband’s people ran past her lips. This is what that promise meant. It meant she could not give up.


“Come on! I could handle that shovel twice as fast!”

Emeline spotted Eda at the other end of the room towards the wall. She knew the elder woman was jesting, but it was also true. Despite being a couple inches shorter than Emeline, Eda was easily twice as physically strong. She’d trained in this mine for years after all.

Emeline would have called back to her friend had she not been focused on getting her current load to the dirt pile. Wiping her brow upon depositing it, she turned around with a smile and the intention to continue the supposedly humorous conversation. The smile faded seconds later as the rumbling hit her ears.

Somewhere in near vicinity, cries of “Run!” and “Help!” echoed. As well as “The ceiling!” There wasn’t time to process them. The rumbling turned to crashing and the Jedi woman had only a moment to view the falling rocks and building materials before they hit.

Emeline dropped the shovel and thrust her hands in front of her face.

Clouds of black dust and debris crashed to the floor, then plumed and filled the room.

The screams were smothered.


Then nothing but darkness.
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Re: Mine 014, The Frozen Hole of Hell

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“I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you go.
When all those shadows almost killed your light,
I remember you said don't leave me here alone.
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight.”

—Safe and Sound, Taylor Swift

The air was thick and barely breathable. That was the first thing the Jedi noticed. (Whether she could feel Ashla at this time or not, Emeline thought of herself with the term “Jedi.”)

The second thing Emeline noticed, as she attempted to blink her eyes open, was that she was covered in the dust and debris of the ceiling collapse.

Stay calm, Emeline. You’re still alive. Be smart.

Closing her stinging eyes again, and for the moment tuning out the ragged screams and distant sounds of alarms around her, the Jedi woman reached first to take inventory of herself. She considered her internal organs, and then slowly stretched outward towards her fingers and toes, wiggling them ever so slightly. She was in pain in several places, but Emeline’s self assessment revealed that for the moment she should be able to move… hopefully without doing anything too damaging.

First, she made herself take a breath. It was a dusty breath, but she calmed her mind as much as could be possible and reached with a desperate plea to her Ashla to be able to feel and use the Force… Nothing. Still, always, nothing ever since she opened her eyes in this place. Alright then. She’d do this the hard way if she must. She’d become used to this empty feeling now.

One of her arms was free. Emeline used it to push a thin slab of debris off her chest, then several smaller stones and brick fragments off of her other limbs. There; she had both arms now. Coughing and gingerly using her hands to scrub her face of another layer of dust, the woman inspected her other hand and assigned it to one of the greater locations of pain. It was bruised and starting to swell up. But if anything was broken it was probably only a finger or two. It should remain somewhat useable.

Pushing off with her good hand, the woman in her thirties slowly sat up. She was aware that others around her were also injured, and tried to remember how many workers were currently in the room. How many Human? How many Talz? She tried to list the morning’s labor assignment in her mind. Through the thick clouds of dust that had not settled she could see flickers of red and yellow flashing lights in the distance. No one had come to help. But she expected that: providing aid was not the way things worked here. This whole wing would be considered a hazard. It would probably be ignored for several hours or days until the officials in charge could conduct scans and eventually determine what caused the collapse, while assuring their own safety. Then, they would send in other disposable workers to come and clean up the debris and bodies.

That wasn’t good enough for Emeline.

Continuing to release herself of the ceiling remains, she again went over her body patting down her legs and head and trying to determine what else was currently causing her physical pain. From the condition of the room, she had been fortunate to be on the outskirts of where the collapse happened. She had been covered in mostly small debris, where she could make out through the dust that others had been completely buried, or worse.

First her own body: There was a somewhat large cut on Emeline’s shoulder, but not deep enough to worry about that the moment. Her legs looked much worse than they actually were, she concluded. There didn’t appear to be anything broken other than skin and some fingers. She could probably stand. She was fairly sure she had been hit in the head, but quickly rattled through enough random facts about her life that she decided she was coherent enough. If she had a concussion or other damage, it would have to wait.

It hurt. (Ashla, everything hurts.) But Emeline was able to stand up. Slowly she let the sounds of the room return to her ears and was able to bring the din into focus this time. They were terrible sounds. Alarms in the faded background, but mostly moans and terrible cries. Cries of people who knew these would be the last sounds they heard. This room was filling with death. For some, it was taking longer to reach than others.

The first several workers Emeline made her way to were Talz. She did not know much about their anatomy but knew enough to realize they were already dead. From the battered remains on top of some of the debris, she realized some of these people had been workers on a higher floor and had taking quite a fall. It didn’t look like any of those slaves had survived the fall. Kneeling down besides a Twi’lek man who’d fallen from the higher floor, Emeline laid her hand on his chest to feel for a heartbeat. She was no Healer. At this particular moment she really wished she had been… although without reaching the Ashla, it may not have been any more help. Eyeing the unnatural position the Twi’lek’s body lay sprawled in, Emeline moved her hand to his face and closed his eyes to stop his staring. It was all she could do for him.

Her eyes were still stinging from the dust, and now also from the tears that were streaming down her face. She felt unsteady on her feet but moved over to another buried slave and began to try and uncover him.

Death was not new to her. She had experienced several hardships and battles throughout her life, especially when working with the Jedi. But she had never done it so alone from allies or her own Brightness. Emeline noticed that there were some others towards the edges of the rooms that had freed themselves and were running for it. One one hand, she couldn’t blame them from wanting to get away, on the other hand, she wondered if no one would help her with all the injured? She couldn’t do it all herself.

“You-can’t-speak.” Emeline managed to use her voice for the first time, speaking to the injured man who was something close to human, but not quite. His jaw was broken, but he kept moving it in motions like he was trying to. The Jedi woman tried to sound reassuring, but despite her best attempts her voice was shaking somewhat.

“You need to stay still. Try to be calm.”

For her that would be instinct, but she understood her instructions might be impossible in this instant. Clearing the last larger slabs off of him, she again tried to sound reassuring.

“You need to stay still. I think your leg is broken. I will come back—“

She had started to stand so she could move on, but he grabbed her wrist in an effort to make her stay. His grasp was slippery, as his hand was also broken and covered in blood.

“I know.” Emeline whispered as she cupped her hands around his. and brought his down to rest on his chest. “I know you are scared.”

She was crying harder now. She realized that some of the emergency lighting was still functional. How else would she be able to make out as much as she could? But there were too many people here, and she was scared too. She was calm, but knew that her efforts were for most pointless as any severely injured who had survived the moment would be “disposed of” at the officials earliest convenience. She heard a sharply pitched scream as she saw a slave across the room who had freed herself climb over the body of another conscious individual who was still buried to try and get away from the room.

“No!” Emeline yelled as tried to rush over to that part of the room to help. She tripped and came crashing down hearing a small but clear snap in her injured wrist as she caught herself. That was definitely broken now…


Her words couldn’t be heard as they barely touched her lips. She was reaching so hard. She’d been trying so hard. Cradling her wrist to her chest she tried to ignore the pain as she focused on her plea. “Please… Please I need you now. I.. please.”

She clenched her eyes tightly shut. She focused so hard. All of her life. All of her training. All of her being. In her mind was a clear picture of a dark night outside. It was a quiet image. There had been stars but they’d faded and now there was nothing but black. She pleaded, and focused.

“Em- …Em?”

All the concentration and focus vanished like a bubble popping when she heard her name, crashing Emeline back to the reality around her. She realized who had spoken.

“Eda?! Eda where are you!” Emeline called out, scanning the room back and forth until she noticed Eda’s hand, wearing the leather bracelet she always wore, from under another pile of debris rather close to where Emeline was. She must have heard her speaking.

“Eda hang on. Just—“ Talking took too much effort. Emeline silenced herself and redirected that effort into struggling to unbury her friend. She managed to uncover Eda’s face and some of her chest and arms, but the older woman was far too weighted down. Large pieces of metal and rocks covered Eda. Emeline knew the rubble was too much for her to lift on her own, particularly with her hand in it’s current state…

“Hey you…” she heard the older woman coo. Somehow Eda sounded more reassuring than any of the attempts Emeline had just mustered. “You look terrible.”

Eda had smiled, but Emeline couldn’t return one. She was focused on the fact Eda had so many broken bones. The one arm Emeline had managed to uncover was bent backwards, and the heavy slab on Eda’s chest was sure to have done severe damage. Even if she could have removed it, it probably would due more harm than good at this point.

“No…” Emeline whispered, in too much shock to cry anymore. She wasn’t going to pretend for Eda. She knew that her older friend already knew. There wasn’t much Emeline could do right now for anyone here. So she leaned in close by Eda, wrapping her good arm around Eda’s neck to support her head. Eda was coughing blood. Emeline knew it wouldn’t be long.

Eda’s facade of calmness was fading as she coughed and her breathing grew more labored. There would be blood pooling in her lungs. Emeline wasn’t a healer, but she understood the biology of this coming death.

Emeline kept her good arm cradled around the older woman’s neck. She pulled her broken hand over to lightly pat her dearest friend’s shoulder and they lay together.

“Once…” The Jedi woman began, yet again copying her friend's insistence at telling stories in times needed of distraction. “There was a warm world.” Eda’s breathing was sharp and painful, but Emeline knew she was listening.

“It was a dark night,” The Jedi continued slowly picturing the scene that she’d played in her head just a little while ago. “There were small animal sounds, but most of them were sleeping.”

Eda’s breaths were growing faster and shallower quickly as this small scene was described.

“It was so dark, that you could not see that it was such a lovely world. The animals slept peacefully though,” Emeline continued to pat Eda as she spoke, “Because they were not afraid of the dark. They knew…” She glanced down at Eda again before looking up. “That even though it was dark, nothing was wrong.”

It was as if the small landscape Emeline was describing was right in front of her, even if she could only paint it with words. “They knew,” she went on, “That slowly, after a dark dark night, light would peak out from behind the tall mountains.”

Emeline felt her heart rate slow and an instinctual wave of peace and calmness crept through her. “It happened every day. The light was slowly start at the bottom of the mountains, and throughout the morning, it would climb up and illuminate the green grass, the dark trees, and the blue sky.”

Emeline could feel Eda’s breathing steady ever so slightly. She had closed her eyes and was leaning her head into Emeline’s arm.

“The sky and the world would become more clear as the moments went on, and all who lived there would wake, and they were safe. The sun would climb up higher and higher.” Emeline glanced down again.

“It was warm. It was so, so... Bright. It was good.”

Eda’s head rested ever so slightly heavier on Emeline’s arm, and the Jedi woman knew her friend’s breathing had now stopped. She kept her eyes closed, saying a silent prayer for the grey-haired woman who helped her survive this disastrous mine. This was not the ending that strong, storytelling, Eda had deserved.

When the younger woman opened her eyes and looked around again, Emeline realized the air in the room had changed. The was still alarms going off somewhere in the distance, but the crying and the moaning had all stopped. The unseen brightness of the Force flowed throughout the room, radiating from Emeline, circling around and returning to her.

She had no tears left to cry, but thanked Ashla silently over and over as she laid Eda’s body gently down and kissed the side of her friend’s forehead. “You be with your daughter,” she whispered to Eda. “Thank you for doing… so much for me.”

Emeline pulled herself up into standing. She drew in a new breath from the dusty air. But more than that, she drew in the brightness…

And Emeline… resonated… a spark of bright Calm that caught in the night from frightened heart, to mind, to heart, among every living soul in the room.

Emeline’s whole life long, this had been her gift in the Ashla. She fostered light. And that light banished the fears that could otherwise cripple so many souls.

There were still many injured, but some were less than her. Some of the slaves at the edges of the room turned back, with less panic even if they could not explain why yet. No one was running away.

The injured and dying were in no less physical danger, but they were in less fear.

Emeline wiggled her fingers of her functional hand, and tested her channel for Telekinesis. Pebbles moved. And then a rock. A boulder.

The Jedi turned back to find the half-buried man with the broken jaw, and found her own voice to call out to two of the tall, furred, Talz slaves several yards away.

The pair of you. Yes, you. Come here, please. We'll need you to help me.”

There was work to be done.
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