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Post by An Tiarna Dubh » Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:45 am

The space in... wild space
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Re: Wild

Post by Phasewing » Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:00 pm

The two battlecruisers entered wildspace and dropped out of hyperspace to scan the planetary systems for any sort of anomalies. Being machines with the ability to detect ripples in the force, they scanned outlying areas and began triangulating the disturbance Iron Hail sensed. It would take a while to narrow it down, but Phasewing figured there was time.*
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Re: Wild

Post by Phasewing » Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:40 pm

::There! Right there!:: Phasewing cackled as he pointed to the planet in question.

::Not Kamino?:: One of the Osirius Vessels asked.

::No! Not Kamino! The jedi came and gone already, there, that one! There may be a force nexus we can exploit for another containment unit. We head there, enter hyperspace at once!::

::Yes General!:: the ships blasted back into lightspeed.
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Re: Wild

Post by Mission Koht » Thu May 10, 2018 1:00 pm

“And these were coming from grid 6-E? Fierfek… Huilo, that’s out there a bit, even for you.” Mission leaned over the control console of her drifting ship with a generally interested posture, but the expression on her fair face was skeptical.

“What can I say, it’s the high stakes I live for!” The face on the screen smiled with the charm of someone who spoke sarcasm fluently. He leaned back and shrugged, bathed in the blue runner lights of his own cockpit. “Either way, that’s what I’ve got for today. You know we’ve always dealt in echoes and shadows.”

The redhead leaned closer to her console and tapped a finger rapidly on the screen. “No that’s what you deal in, moron. I have to deal in regular credits, and I question myself often.”

Huilo shrugged again with the same nonchalance, running a hand casually down his patchy beard. “I will offer for as long as you will pay.”
The mention of time gave Mission a moment’s pause, and her eyes wandered out across the stars beyond her viewport. She’d spent quite a lot of her time chasing echoes.

“Hey kid, I like the money. A lot. But I know I’m working myself out of a job here. It won’t be long, you’ll see.”

Mission bit her lip, trying to fight back a smile and a tear as she glanced away from the spacer on the screen. Both refused to be stifled, and she was suddenly thankful for Huilo’s poor image resolution as a solitary tear rolled down her cheek. “I’m not paying you that much.”

“I don’t get rich chasing the big paydays my dear. It’s the little steady ones that make the difference. Now go find your friends and see where those echoes are coming from. And take some frames for me. You have a better eye for the beautiful things than I do.” Huilo’s blue-illuminated face winked, and then disappeared.

Mission sat back in her bucket seat and crossed her arms. She knew what came next, but she wasn’t ready to set it all in motion again, not just yet. She had spent so much time chasing echoes. Years now. Her conviction that her course was true hadn’t wavered, but she’d lost the fire that had driven her in the beginning… She pushed those thoughts away, and forced her hands to resume the communications console, tapping in quick messages and coordinate data. The information would pass along a medium encrypted channel and find it’s way to a number of others who had been her fellow echo-chasers for different lengths of time now. Any of them that were available would join her at the designated rendezvous, but most of them had lives to live, and other causes to pursue. The excitement of never knowing which of her companions would show up on any given run into unknown space was one of the few bits of excitement Mission knew she had to look forward to on a regular basis. Each time it felt like seeing lost friends again. She imagined it was probably a little taste of what she’d feel when she finally caught her echo.

Somewhere in her ship, Mission had a box full of mementos she had collected over the past few years. They were things that reminded her of those she’d lost – the ones she spent her time seeking. She knew it was childish, but she liked to take them out and look at them once in awhile, just so she could imagine giving them back to the people they belonged to on that day. She imagined their faces, and their smiles. She imagined how it would feel to tell them they were safe once more. She imagined a lot of things. But the things in the cockpit with her right then weren’t imaginary, and those were the things she needed. She spun away from the communication console and tapped in a series of rapid, highly reflexive commands into the navi-computer. The Chateau, a vessel that had once gone by the name Fortress, leapt forward in the relative still of space, and after a moment the tiny lights of the stars smeared across the length of her viewport, and she blasted into hyperspace, leaving normal space – and the known regions of the galaxy – behind.

Encryption Key 5525//W

::-Seeking Their Return-::--::Mission Koht>>Op.Mod.42-9>>Roster A-::

Hey friends, I got another lead from Huilo. If anyone’s got a full plate I’m not sweating it, but you know he usually comes through with the goods so this one should be worth your time if you have any to spare. It’s a radio echo from out in galactic grid sector 6-E; it’s a pretty far run, I know, but that just means we’re covering new ground. Ilum is grid 7-G, those closest friendly rock to the point of contact, so we’ll meet there. I’ll hang at the outpost for 48 standard hours before I head out.

Castio, if you and/or any of yours come, be a dear and bring the bus.

Force hold you all,


//Encryption Key Locked//
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Re: Wild

Post by Zalus Bidan » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:42 pm

Zalus and his crew of two astromechs exited hyperspace and began tracking GA shipments through the area. Kamino was close enough, and his guess far enough away from Machine Empire activities. He sat in the cockpit of his exo suit and listened to comm traffick as it came in. An hour went by and he shook his head, "Nahh Sparky, check the enycripted channels. If they have cargo worth anything that's the ship we want."

Sparky chittered from the cockpit of his Vulture Droid that also warbled with deep curious bellows. Astro also whistled and bleeped as he aided in translating encryptions. It wasn't long before they found something. GA supply ship with a shipment of fuel enough for a whole fleet.

"I thought the GA didn't have such toys...someone's being naughty with their power...or preparing for the power vacuum at the end of this war. Sparky, coordinates, and are there any escorts?"

Sparky whistled and clicked.

"A nebulon frigate is the cargo carrier and a squadron of x wings guard it? Heh, fun...not too far from here either!" Zalus kicked the hyperdrive on and headed to the coordinates.
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