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Re: Galactic News

Post by General Rycher » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:08 pm



SUBJECT Therian Response to News Regarding Battle on Naboo

Recent news of attacks on Naboo are being reported from various agencies. Initial analysis indicated Therian and Tau Ceti Troops responded to a hostile situation within a crowded restaurant in Theed. The chief vanguard of the Therian Imperial Defense Force had this to say about the current events taking place

" An initial report of a target was reported through tracking channels as well as public media. This individual was to be apprehended by Therian Authorities and returned for final trial. Granted, you get a mass announcement out of a subject like this, and you're bound to get unwanted guests. "

The individual in question, a young woman by the name of "Siren" is known to have committed crimes against the galaxy and is wanted on chargers of theft, murder, and arson by the Therian Empire, Tau Ceti, Machine Empire, as well as the Corellian Defense Force and Galactic Alliance. The Chief Vanguard further stated,

"Many of these factions are not allied and having them converging on the same news; it was bound to spark additional bloodshed. We are doing our best to minimize collateral damage and civilian casualties."

Acacius Theron, Prince of the Therian Empire, was assigned to apprehend Siren when he met resistance by GA Officers. Machine Empire forces as well as others including the Tau Ceti were quick to report on sight as well. At this time it is believed that the Therian Empire has custody of Siren, and is cooperating with Tau Ceti forces to ensure a quick resolve to this battle.

" Machine Empire forces appear to be adjusting their own motives now to their typical elimination of living beings. It has complicated the situation greatly. The Therian and Tau Ceti forces are working to control the situation." Said the Therians Chief Vanguard when asked about why the battle has continued despite Sirens supposed capture.

The Tau Ceti and Therian Empire have expressed interests of assisting the planet of Naboo with the rebuilding and infrastructure stability programs after the fighting ceases.

Your battle is already over. Spare yourself for the war, and when you have an army, it is then that I will face you.
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Raith Dorn
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Re: Galactic News

Post by Raith Dorn » Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:53 pm

Today in Galactic News!

Today Mandalore was assaulted by a small fleet of warships and an army of droids, led by a man in metal power armor that looked like a bulky form of mandalorian armor. He headed directly to the Warmaster's hall, fighting with ferocity and barbarity, tearing through Mandalorian soldiers right and left on his way into the facility. Within two hours the whole ordeal was over and the man gave this message to the Mandalorian people and the general public.

The feed switched to Raith.

::Greetings fellow Mandalorians, my name is Raith Dorn, the clan leader of Clan Dorn. I come before you today to inform you that I claim the title of Mand'alor. No longer will we be a leaderless people, trying to eke out a living on harsh backwater worlds. I will make us a proud empire once again, an empire destined for greatness in this galaxy full of weak and lesser people. Join me on Mandalore, and aid in the restoration efforts as we forge a new and strong empire all for the glory of the Mandalorian people, for family, honor, and duty!::

*The message ends with the news reporters baffled.*

"That concludes today's hourly galactic news report. Until next time."
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Raul Endymion
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Re: Galactic News

Post by Raul Endymion » Fri Nov 02, 2012 9:45 pm


*It was a sunny day on Manaan, in the city of Uhl Turhaya. Behind a podium was a very large curtain with the thorny cross of the Tau Ceti Protectorate. Then Raul came up the stage steps and took the podium, in front of a million refugees he rescued from the underbelly of many corrupt systems of planets. They cheered for him, shouted and whistled. They knew that this was a special day, a grand day, but they had no idea how important this day, of all others was the grandest, and yet they cheered, he let them display their adoration for him he smiled and waved back, this moment was being streamed via the holonet, to every Holonet transceiver in the galaxy, everyone from those sitting in a bar to those in the senate were able to access this, even the Jedi, the Sith, the Mandalorians, everyone could listen and watch as Raul gave his last, and final speech as a single entity in the Galaxy. Raul looked up to the sky, it was a beautiful sunny day in the cathedral, the sun gleamed off the towers making them shine like a beacon of hope. Then, he raised his hand in the air to silence the crowd for the moment. It was time.*

"My galactic citizens, my protectorate, children of Anguish, I come before you for the last time as a single man vying to protect the very heart of the galaxy, the down trodden, the persecuted, the endangered. The Tau Ceti is the culmination of one hundred and fifty five years of one man's ideal, one man's dream. My dream, my vision, to create a world were you don't have to fight for your survival among the oppression of the darkest forces in the Galaxy, the apathy of the Jedi, and the negligence of the Galactic Alliance. I must say, I have done as best I can as one man. The Tau Ceti represents all that is great in the Galaxy, and you all that is worthy in it. We don't sit in our high towers and our courts contemplating the inner workings of the law, the force, the universe, no the Protectorate is on a daily crusade of rescuing and protecting those that are under assault from chaotic forces that those in power have failed time and time again to suppress.

Thousands of my soldiers have given their lives to defend ordinary people like you, we are dedicated to protecting the civilians of the Galaxy, but my Protectorate...there are times when even we are not enough, and worlds succumb to the dark, barbaric entities that plague this universe we call home. Zeltros is such an example, four months ago the capital was a thriving place of commerce and pleasure, and then the Kothryn invaded, within hours the city was devoid of all life. For four months the Sisters of Anguish fought the Kothryn hordes on Zeltros, never giving up the assault. Zeltros is now a safe planet again, the capital will be rebuilt, but the people cannot be replaced. It was time I realized that I needed help. I am but one man with an ideal.

I cannot be everywhere at once my citizens, the Jedi are of no use, the Galactic Alliance failed time and time again to provide adequate planetary defense, and so my forces have been spread thin across an expansive universe. They are of no help to you my protectorate, so that leaves a question of who is. I had been speaking with two other entities in the Galaxy who feel the same way I do about where their priorities lay. The three of us decided that the only way we can insure the protection of the galaxy is to combine our resources and our power to form one expansive federation. We came together to discuss how to best serve and protect the galaxy, and the answer, is the Cerberus Federation.

That's the answer my Protectorate, the three most powerful factions in the Galaxy coming together under the common cause of the security of the universe. The Tau Ceti Protectorate, The Bloodborn Ascendancy, and the Therian Empire, all coming together to offer you the protection you have been so desperately lacking. The three powers that should have been protecting you have all failed. The Senate, the Jedi, the Galactic Alliance, their days of supposed protection are over. The Cerberus Federation is now the ultimate alliance of protection, humanitarian aid, and commerce in the Galaxy. My protectorate, I am no longer one man with an ideal, I am part of a grand undertaking, a reformation of security and commerce. The Cerberus Federation will from now on be the source of the Galaxy's prosperity in the universe, with the three of us united, we can better protect your families, your planets, your businesses, and the overall well being of all systems in our known universe. We are the way for a brighter, more stable society, our combined fleets and armies will crush all who wish to cause harm to you.

Anguish has done an amazing thing, our persistence has paid off, your cries of pain and suffering have finally, truly been heard. With the Cerberus Federation I can offer you near complete protection from all foes who wish to rear their ugly heads. No longer will you be obligated to trust the apathetic and unresponsive Jedi, nor the Negligent and dwindling Galactic Alliance. The benevolent, just, and devoted Protectorate along with the Cerberus Federation will be all the protection you need or will ever want. We hold the future of the galaxy in our fingers, and all of you will be safe. Say goodbye to false promises and negligence. By the Holy Cross Bearer, and Punisher of Instigators, the Protectorate will be with you to the end of time. Hail the Cross, and Hail the Cerberus Federation!"

*At that moment, the massive curtain behind Raul fell, revealing all 100,000 troops of the Tau Ceti, giving the traditional Tau Ceti salute, all the legions, all the knights, all the Sisters, and all the Auxiliary standing proud, their armors polished, the sun gleaming off of their armor, giving the appearance of gods. Rayce, Rachel, Sierra, Kamos all stood behind Raul and saluted, each with their own armor that defined their role in the faction's sub factions, and behind the Armies, a large banner unfolded, revealing the Cerberus Federation emblem, on either side of the banner there were two more banners that unfolded, revealing a sleeker, more elegant cross, not the typical thorns and barbed cross. The three banners flapped in the oceanic winds, and the crowd cheered its loudest. Raul left the podium waving and smiling to the crowd as they tossed roses on the stage.*
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Re: Galactic News

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*The sun was at high sunset over the main cities of Coruscant. Its golden light crested the Great Therian Empire. A normally quiet and humble people, about to see a spell of triumphant victory and fanfare. The Imperial Palace was busy. Squadrons of fighters in formations flying over head and troops were massing in formations along the parade grounds. Capital ships were set in low orbits as to announce a presence of an emerging power in the galaxy. Citizens gathered outside the walls of the Therian Palace by the thousands, gaining access to controlled areas within the parade grounds as well as mass public viewing areas. Dozens of media drones flew around capturing the amazing sight as it was the first in the new empires history that something of this magnitude had been witnessed. The anticipation, was building until finally a sudden silence fell over the city.

A blast of horns and drums sounded in a fanfare. It’s rhythm announced a great pride and introduction to the peoples of the great nation. The fanfare concluded and drew into an orchestrated playing of the Therian Imperial Hymn. Several large banners fell from the Imperial Palace Tower displaying the Therian Seal. Troops and citizen alike joined in singing along as a unified force. A final victorious note and then silence. Another fanfare sounded. Loud drums and horns again announcing the arrival of the imperial Court. Dark Lord Cyrus Theron, escorted to his right by his son Acacius Theron the Second, and to his left, his daughter Aria. Furthermore a high Sith Priest Therian Vanguard and ranking military officials; all entered onto a balcony area that overlooked the parade grounds from the tower. A red banner flowed behind them. Media drones were sure to capture every moment of the triumphant appearance which was broadcast on networks across the city as well as massive floating screens throughout the public viewers inside and outside the palace walls.

The fanfare ended and as the Dark Lord stepped forward, the people and military began to chant in honor of their lord. Aria and Acacius nodded to each other subtly in the shadow of their ceremonial robes. Lord Theron raised his hand in a high salute, further inspiring a massive cheer amongst the people, 100,000 troops saluting back with arms in hand. As he lowered his hand, the cheers fell silent and the people waited in anticipation for him to speak.*

“ People of the Therian Empire, it is with great pride I come before you and speak in what will be known in history as the dawning of a new era of the galaxy. An ushering in of peace, prosperity, and hope for not just the Therian Empire, not just Coruscant, but for the entire Galaxy as it is known today”

*Cheers rang out again, but were silence quickly with a raising of his hand.*

“For generations, the Therian Empire has sat in silence, living for the day that we would once again rise from the ashes and claim our place within this galaxy. That day has come, and through your dedication, service, and unwavering devotion to what many would have seen a hopeless cause. How could a Sith nation be born again into the galaxy without resistance; but today we show the galaxy that we are not silent, and we are not just a band of Sith, but a nation of many beings, cultures, beliefs. A culture of strength, peace, unity and prosperity. A nation of a Sith Code, and a nation of honor. They did not resist us, they will not resist us, and we will rise beyond this existence and become the new definition of honor and peace! Hail the Therian Empire!
*As he spoke, cheers and chanting followed in increased enthusiasm until he finished his statement. The people shouted “HAIL, HAIL HAIL HAIL”. They were quite again though as the speech continued.*

“What now you ask. What of those who claim to rule this galaxy? The Jedi who once protected this galaxy, now hide amongst their own in safety. The galaxy is still a dangerous place, yet the Jedi have passed it to those who will destroy it. Passive as always and unwilling to aid those who need it. And what of the Senate? The humble republic that should have represented you, should have represented this nation, and should have represented those who were in need when the oppressors gathered to destroy what little ways of life they had left. The Galactic Alliance has been silent! The Galactic Senate has so it seemed… ceased to function! I will not stand for this!”

*The people had an uproarious anger, but again it was silenced again.*

Now, we are a nation, a strong nation, though we on our own cannot solve all the problems of this galaxy. No, we need allies. And we have found allies. While I continue to lobby for support from out brothers and sisters of the Sith Order, they too have their own struggles to overcome. No, we have two strong allies who are sworn to the same cause. A cause to reform this galaxy, to establish a new system of order and peace. A new means of controlling the oppressors, and freeing the oppressed. The Bloodborn Ascendancy and the Tau Ceti have devoted themselves to this cause, and we too offer our services in the formation of a new galactic force. The Cerberus Federation; a federation of mutual benefit and partnership in commerce, defense, innovation, and dedicated to the prospects of galactic peace for all! We do not relinquish our sovereignty, but we enlist it into the total cause for justice, to fill in the gaps left by those promised by the Jedi and the Republic. Together the Cerberus Federation will bring a new order to the galaxy.

The road will not be easy, there will be sacrifice, but you will be proud to know that the Therian Empire will be a player in the rebuilding of our galaxy for the future. A future that generations from now, will speak of you, will speak of this nation, and the federation as the force that established truth, honor, peace and harmony! Now my brothers and sisters, let us rise up to this challenge and show this galaxy that we are no longer silent, that we are the Cerberus Federation, and we are the… the Therian Empire!

*His hand raised into the air again in salute, soldiers and citizens alike saluting and shouting. Cheers rang out, and drums began to play. The Therian Anthem played again, and all joined in singing as of they had never been as proud to be citizens. It was a glorious spectacle of national pride and a true unification of citizen, military, and cause. Cyrus dropped his hand as his nation continued to sing. He stepped back and looked to his son and daughter.*

“ And now, we will see a new Therian Empire… with the Cerberus Federation in full capacity, we will see a new galaxy.”

*The royal court exited their balcony positions, the people still singing and cheering, the military began to parade and the fighters flew en-mass across the Therian airspace.*

Musical Notes:

First performance: Therian Hymn, Pre-speech

Second performance: Therian March and Anthem, Post-speech

Third performance: Therian Victory Anthem, Post-speech
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Re: Galactic News

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*A holocam flickers to life, though for the moment nothing can be discerned except for the outline of three large stone formations curving up towards the ceiling. To any who knew the design, they would perhaps be able to realize that it was the Inner Sanctum of an ancient Sith Academy. It can be seen that this place, wherever it may be is cavernous. There is the echo of metal-soled boots against the floor, ancient stone with a raised platform in the center. The steps draw closer and louder as time goes on, stopping over the raised platform. Though the figure's head is bowed an image can be seen on the helmet, a garish image, made all the more nightmarish by the gunmetal grey background, while it reflected the eerie red glow of the ancient platform upon which the figure stood. In time he raised his head, the face of the demon shining out even more menacingly than it previously had been. When he spoke the voice was amplified a slight bit, but there was no distortion present. Behind him were arrayed 12 armored figures, their armor reminiscent of Kataran Mk XIII stealth suits, the same demon skull emblazoned upon them as the platinum relief on that of the leader. On the left and right were two obviously female guards. The others all looked to be male.*

Citizens of the galaxy, you may not recognize me, but I promise you would know my name. I employ billions of workers across much of the galaxy, from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim, and beyond. I am Kurayami Bloodborn, leader of the Bloodborn Ascendancy and part of the newly formed Cerberus Federation. I have long stood for prosperity and balance within the galaxy at large. If there is anything I destroy I rebuild it, stronger, more resilient, grander, and set up to be autonomous.

I have razed cities to the ground, yet all that was left were droids and Machine Empire units, such as at Theed. I immediately had triage and emergency medical teams dispatched, as well as construction and infrastructure planning teams dispatched. Within months the city was restored and once again fully sustaining itself. Then there was a Kothryn invasion on Thyferra, again I went, leveled Zalxuc City after a complete evacuation had been carried out. Any who stayed behind did so knowing the risk and died honorably, protecting the planet and their loved ones, we mourn their loss at the Kothryn onslaught. However, after ending that threat I again sent teams in to rebuild. This time I had economic reason to as well as the fact that it was by my hand that the city was a smoking ruin. On Coruscant I worked with Raul Endymion to bring about the downfall of Iron Hail himself, a Celestial Artifact from a time long passed. I nearly gave my life to protect a planet that I have no interest in. Yet again I had teams dispatched to repair the damage done to the Uscru Entertainment District. I do not discount the aid of the Jedi who were there, nor of the Therian Empire Forces who were also present. All who participated contributed to the downfall of one of the greatest threats we have known, and for their contributions I thank them, wherever they may be.

Why would I tell you all these things, citizens? As I stated I have always believed strongly in balance, and though I destroyed those places, or helped in their destruction, I also raised them from the ashes, and all are at least as prosperous as they were before. The tenets of the Bloodborn Ascendancy are those of myself. Strength, Honor, Balance. It is through these three ideals that peace can be found my brothers and sisters. However balance, and the maintaining of it is rarely ever a pretty affair. Many will hate me, or criticize me for what I know must be done to maintain the balance. From destruction is creation birthed, from death, life, from poverty, prosperity...and from adversity, greatness.

The Galactic Alliance, where so many placed their trust...where have they been during these times? Where have the ones who swore to protect and serve been? They have been in their Senate chamber bickering, or in their offices, doing nothing while their planets were terrorized by forces that even had they chosen to engage, they would have been horribly outmatched. But they dared not make a stand, dared not to make the right, if unpopular decision. They are dead, locked in never ending debates about who is right and who is wrong while their people suffer.
This announcement is to let the galaxy know that the Cerberus Federation is replacing the Galactic Alliance. We may not have the number of membership in terms of people under our rule, since as of now the Bloodborn Ascendancy includes only Corellia, Thyferra, and Malachor V as member worlds. I do however have the financial assets and military production capability of Bloodborn Enterprises and all of the subsidiaries thereof, at my disposal. I hereby swear to you the people of the galaxy that if you call to us for help we shall answer. No call for help, no matter how small it seems shall go unheard by the Cerberus Federation or the Bloodborn Ascendancy. I hold in my grasp the bacta production capability of both Zaltin and Xucphra corporations, any order from any faction will be delivered with the utmost haste.

In closing, I am not asking you to bow to us or suffer our wrath, I am offering my services to the galaxy at large. My faction will fight for and with you, citizens, do not fear us, embrace the new life that I, along with the rest of the Cerberus Federation will breathe into the galaxy through the dissolution of the Galactic Alliance. Remember that from this figurative death shall new life come.

*Kurayami went silent and bowed his head again as the holocam slowly faded to black.*
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Re: Galactic News

Post by Kurayami Bloodborn » Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:38 am

*Kurayami stood in the center of Warmaster Hall in Keldabe. He gazed at the assembly of his fellow clan members before him, and those who had pledged their alleigance to the new Mand'alor. Behind the helmet he smirked as he looked at /his/ people, those under his command. Men and women utterly loyal to him, who took his word as law and would gladly die for him. Behind him stood two female guards, one on either side, and staggered behind each of them were another 5 soldiers. The demon's head inlay, polished to a mirror shine as always, was unique to his armor as was the "scar" over the visor in blood red. The large mythosaur skull, symbol of Clan Ordo, and that of the Deathwatch were also displayed in the same red. The armor was otherwise gunmetal gray. Those who were arrayed behind him stood in sand-gold armor with a gray trim. The symbols of both Clan Ordo and the Deathwatch were also displayed on either pauldron in the same red as was the secondary color of Kurayami's armor.
Kurayami reached up and removed the helmet looking dead into the holocm, the smirk still present on his face, confident as ever. The tone that he spoke in left no room for misinterpretation.*

Mando'ade of the galaxy, you saw the fight between myself and Raith Dorn as it took place not long ago. I was the clear and honorable victor in a no holds barred match. With the death of the one who held the title of Mand'alor, and as the one in possession of the helm for well over a decade, I announce to you that I am assuming the mantle of Mand'alor as my own. The mask has been worked into my helmet, the one that has been around since before we can trace the history of it. You may notice some new markings on my armor, those of Clan Ordo, and the Deathwatch. The coloration of my armor also speaks to my reasons. I honor my father by reclaiming the Clan he belonged to and his affiliation with Deathwatch.

My message to you is simple, the Mandalorians always were independent of the Jedi and the Sith, only working for the ones who could bring them the most glory through battle. Historically that has been the Sith, however I hereby renounce and nullify all ceasefires and alliances with either faction. IF a move is made against s, we will retaliate in full force. THe Mandalorians will once again be feared across the galaxy and those who remain loyal to the Deathwatch will have nothing to fear. Those who are found to refuse to return to Manda'yaim and would rather break away, then your wish to be dar'manda is all too easy to fulfill. Know however, that if you dare to approach any Deathwatch controlled planet or base, you will be shot down and, upon surviving that, killed on sight. This includes Mandalore and its airspace. I have the support of this planet and its people as well as those who still follow Clan Dorn's principles. Each of these people you see before you is willing to die for me. You will join Deathwatch or be stripped of the title of Mandalorian and considered for all intents and purposes, dar'manda, along with all that the title carries. Choose wisely vod'ika.

*Raucous cheers filled Warmaster Hall as Kurayami ended his speech and replaced his helm. One would only hear "Deathwatch!" chanted continuously until the feed faded from existence and to a black screen.*
When history witnesses a great change Razgriz reveals itself, first as a dark demon
As a demon it uses it's power to rain death upon the land, and then it dies
However after a period of slumber Razgriz returns...
Amidst the eternal waves of time
From a ripple of change shall the storm rise
Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon
Behold the Razgriz, its wings of black sheath
The demon soars through dark skies
Fear and death trail its shadow beneath
Until men united wield a hallowed sabre
In final reckoning, the beast is slain
As the demon sleeps, man turns on man
His own blood and madness soon cover the earth
From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz
Its raven wings ablaze in majestic light.
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Re: Galactic News

Post by Raul Endymion » Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:29 am

::Holonet Report from the Protectorate Homeworlds.::

*Erith and Sierra were brought to the steps of the Cathedral, battered, bloodied, dehydrated, suffering from lack of sleep, and no food. They were brought from the depths of the Cathedral holds and put in front of a roaring crowd. They both looked at each other and tears rolled down their eyes.*

Erith: "I never thought my career would end like this..."

Sierra: "How did you think your career would end? On the battlefield?"

*She shakes her head.*

Erith: "No...I would have left long before then...maybe quietly on a farm somewhere...with my family and a husband..."

Sierra: "Erith..."

*They were hit in the back of the shoulders by a Knight.*

Knight: "No talking traitors!"

*Rayce came before the crowd, his hammer held high, and the crowd roared.*

Rayce: "At last! Victory against the Harlots of Anguish! What you see before you are the defeated remnants of their disgusting order. Their loyalties lay with a false god, a false interpretation of our Lord Anguish. He brought us a grand victory on Belkadan, their ilk lay dead and buried in the halls of the fortress. They will never raise another army of their blasphemous kind again. Here they stand, the leaders of the late First, and Third Legions. Sierra Balar the Matron, and Erith. They are responsible for the murder of our Grand Elder.*

Erith: "We did nothing of the-"

*Rayce smacked her across the cheek and she squealed in pain.*

Rayce: "SILENCE! You face death and you still continue to lie! How dare you! The Grand Elder's death was all the Sister's doing, to gain control of the protectorate, to rid it of men!"

Sierra: "That's a filty LIE!"

*Rayce smacked her across the face too, and the crowd cheered.*

Rayce: "Even the crowd knows you lie...if you will continue to lie, and you won't confess to your actions, you will be executed at once."

*There was a flat screen above the stage showing clips of Raul and his prowess over the years of the Protectorate.*

Rayce: "You killed a great man, and you two will die for it, as will all Sisters fighting on Metellos when this is through."

Sierra: "You've already killed his image by what you're doing now...we did nothing, you are accusing us falsely!"

*The soldiers lined up behind them and point their rifles at the back of the two women. Rayce raised his hand to let the riflemen stand at the ready.*

Rayce: "I accuse justly. You killed the Grand Elder! RAUL LIVES IN DEATH!"


*Erith closed her eyes, and the tears flowed, Sierra looked to the crowd and glared, but accepted her fate.*


*The flat screen changed to reveal Raul aboard the bridge of the Bereaver next to Rachel. His head was shaved and he had a black goatee. He looked to the crowd, who looked like they were about to charge the stage in sheer praise. The cheer was deafening. He looked back and forth with a smile and a chuckle, then he turned to look at Rayce and shakes his head.*

"Rayce...release the Sisters. It was not they who killed me, but a rogue AI. They are not responsible, and you Rayce, I will deal with your punishment later. I am not dead, and these two Sisters and their entire order will be pardoned of all charges, false and true Erith and Sierra are to be cleaned up and nursed back to full health. I come back from the realm of the dead to guide you all. I have seen Anguish, and she is a beautiful creature of immense power. Yes. Anguish, is a woman like any other, and with her magics I have become one with her. I am her disciple, and her son of justice, peace, and prosperity. Her power and blood runs through my veins, her will is my own. I will destroy all that wish to cause pain and suffering in this world, I will turn their pain they cause on those onto themselves. I will make them feel what they unleash, the might of the protectorate will never die, the might, and love of Anguish is unceasing. With her blessings we will endure all hardships, we will become a galaxy free of fear, free of death, and destruction. Through the power of Anguish, there will be peace. The Power of Anguish is beyond our understanding, beyond the force, beyond any of us! With the technology of our Order, the power of her will, we will achieve a peace that is not a lie. Peace through Anguish is absolute!"

*The crowd roared and cheered.*


Raul: "May the light of Anguish be with you go home, and forget this dark chapter in our history. Never again will such a tragedy befall the people of the Protectorate. Eventually, I hope that all come to us to rid their planet of those that oppress them, that wish to cause them harm. Be it all evils in this universe. We are the Protectorate, we are the judges of this universe now and forever. Peace through Anguish will always be absolute. I am back my children, and I am here to guide you through a new chapter of our history. I will be returning to Uhl Turhaya in the next few days to see to this chapter personally. Farewell my children see you soon."

*The crowd cheered loudly and then after a few minutes dispersed, the knights unfastened the binders on Erith and Sierra and were sent back to the Cathedral to be cleaned up. Both of them were relieved that they were alive, and now were able to safely mourn the death of over half of their order.*
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The feed kicked in, fizzled theatrically and resolved with a fatalistic shiver to an extreme close up of a grubby looking face mask. You could tell that the person in the mask was holding the camera; checking it perhaps, its face angling this way and that, tapping the screen experimentally, nonchalantly before stepping back to reveal an altogether unremarkable body. A male body evident through a positively bohemian assortment of clothes and armour that looked more patched together than a Y-wing could ever aspire to be. For that matter, even the helmet wasn’t really of one design and much like the rest of the visible ‘him’, bore tangible marks of industrial staples, stitches, tape (both duct and gaffa, if that made sense), adhesives, welding marks, nails, screws, leather patches, and for those with sharp eyes and an even sharper image zoom - a seal of a grubby, pudgy, stumpy, patchy green mass of something. With eyes.

The feed flickered.

The video, originally, had been crystal clear. Now it was a little washed out, tinged blue (because, hey, space!) and for effect - slivers of erratic static cut across the screen – All of this done to ensure that the video felt authentic because if it didn’t look like it could be fake, it couldn’t be real.

The man provided an insolent salute to the camera before a gruff voice issued from the helmet.

"Most people don't play chess anymore. I'm not surprised, really. It's a thinking man's game, and that isn't quite what the galaxy has needed for a long time – Especially not in abundance."

As he spoke, seemingly more to himself than his audience, he removed a small device, from a pocket that had camouflaged itself amidst the chaos around it, and began to fiddle with it. The camera view proceeded to cycled through an astonishing number of angles that allowed a viewer every conceivable vantage point, concurrently if they had enough screens, of the industrial warehouse the man was standing in.

The floor was caked in pressurized layers of mud, grime and lubricants so ancient they had begun to evolve. The layered ceilings were high enough to suggest the large scale manufacture of large scale items, and were supported by beams that refused to be salvaged by the local populace but allowed habitation by local fauna. Such was the dominance of nature, whose patience knew bounds fathomable by only the most accomplished of Jedi – if, however briefly, before an interlude into staggering, debilitating awe or madness. There was a line between both states that often travelled around at will.

It was upon these colossal beams that a shadow skirted into shadows that the lens, were it capable of, would have sighed at the futility of – It shifted to a different spectrum and highlighted the figure and transmitted the image to its host.

The mercenary figure turned and looked up into the impossible heights and shook his head, tutting.

“I thought I’d been clear, Jarod – No tricks.”

A lump of cloth dropped from sky, weighted like a bowling ball, flowing like a failed parachute and landing with the soft thwump and outwards whoosh of dust that most comic book artists would have died to perfect.

The aforementioned lump rose from the ground and formed into a humanoid shape – A robed Jedi, the bottom of his blue tinged face visible under the hood.

“What about all these cameras?” A voice inquired from within the cowl.

“You snuck in, and these were because I knew you would,” the mercenary shrugged. “I also wanted a recording.” He threw the control device he’d been carrying onto the ground and after a moment’s consideration – “Winner gets to keep the apparatus.”

“Oh yay.”

“Shall we begin?”

“What? No speech? Monologue? You’ve got to give me something to work with!”

The mercenary drew a side arm that had, till this point, appeared to have been a part of his pants and fired a salvo of shots that prompted the Jedi to react (it also answered his question) – First by crouching, his cloak whirling around him and obscuring his position before crumpling to a heap in a location where the Jedi was decidedly not igniting a sabre before deflecting two shots at his legs in a single sweep. No, the crumpled, abandoned cloak that lamented the course of its life and repetition of this scene it witnessed just sat there and watched its owner begin to circle his aggressor, waiting ever so patiently for an opening.

Patience, the Soresu user had in abundance. What he also had in abundance were thin vines that twined around his arms. They grew. The cameras watching them switched angles and zoom. The mercenary fired a final shot, as easily deflected as those before it.

“Do you intend to take this matter a little more seriously now, Jarod? Or do you still feel the need for nonchalance?”

“You know,” the Jedi replied, lowering his weapon a little, “I’m surprised you’re using my name… I mean, with your type –“

“-My ‘type’?”

“-Oh you know – Evil, criminal, morally skewed, what have you… The point I was making is that it’s usually always ‘you Jedi’ or a tasteful adjective. I don’t even remember the last person who called me by name while trying to kill me.”

“It’s a matter of respect.”

“You’re trying to kill me.”

“Even so.”

The mercenary threw his pistol aside and drew another one from a holster as hidden as the last. The shot interrupted the Jedi and forced him to leap, with an accompanying whoosh a sound artist thought added to the clip, to a nearby beam. Under the sudden added weigh, the beam moaned while rust showered to the floor below.

The mercenary quickly ejected the power pack from the blocky pistol he wielded and quickly jammed in another. An electrical whine followed. The feed flickered violently but only momentarily.

The Jedi wasn’t on the beam he’d jumped to. The camera feeds, if viewed simultaneously, would show no sign of him – only that he’d leapt away with the agility expected of a high ranking Jedi. The Mercenary could be seen turning on the spot, head craned to the heavens, tracking.

He stepped back as something small but quite heavy fell from above; he considered it and then set the ground at his feet ablaze with a flamethrower nozzle that jutted out from his left gauntlet. He shook his head and gave the impression of rolling his eyes behind his helmet; meanwhile the cameras caught and focused on the reflection of the flames on the shinier bits of his helmet.


An inset feed opens to the bottom right and shows – first a shadow darting around behemoth chains, a second angle shift to see the Jedi squatting atop a crane, scratching his backside and looking rather apelike. He just needed a bag of peanuts.

“I thought we agreed – No games.”

A third inset. A long shot that showed the mercenary staring up into the inky ceiling, a virtual overlay connected his gaze with where the hidden Jedi had finished sending off one itch and was now addressing another.

“Who’s playing?”

“Care to join me on the ground, Jarod? Or do you intend to try my patience and extend this conflict needlessly?”

A moment’s silence.

Another itch dispatched.

“You seem to know an awful lot about how I fight.”

“Surprisingly, you don’t.”

“Surprisingly…” the Jedi intoned under his breath, but loud enough for a sound engineer to isolate and enhance for the galactic audience.

Jarod sat motionless for a moment, one hand tracing thoughtful lines on the dust encrusted metal lattice for a long moment while he contemplated his next set of moves, before sliding off from his squat. Somewhere behind him an oddly hued, lone moth fluttered away, annoyed and certain to interest any zeno-entomologists who’d happened to have tuned in at the time and be bothered with human news enough to have made it so far into the video before wandering off with a net, a book, and a magnifying glass.

A camera tracked his descent, highlighting him at first so he was visible in the gloom and then removing the highlight the moment he entered a more visible part of his descent. Visibility was further improved by a stream of flame that immediately engulfed him moments before he touched the ground.
The stream continued for a long moment, sputtered and died.

The feed sputtered but came back, zoomed in on the fading embers and smoke from an overhead camera, framing it so that the shot was from over the mercenary’s shoulder.

He took a step forward and then one back as the smoke cleared – The Jedi stood up, sweat trailing down the side of his face, tinged a deeper shade of blue from the heat but otherwise unhurt and un-toasted. The same couldn’t be said for bits of his clothing that had begun to smoulder at the edges or for the dried bits of plant that crumbled out of the Jedi’s sleeves.

“Who’s playing games, again?”

A slew of thin vines shot out of the ground under the mercenary’s feet, growing at an alarming rate, they wound around his ankles. The Jedi strode forward, one hand outstretched before him, his eyes focused.

Quick as a striking viper, the armoured man aimed one pistol at his feet and began to fire, with pinpoint accuracy at the vines. This allowed him enough freedom from each grasping shoot to step back and away from the snare. Free of the plants and still slowly backing away he turned his attention (and aim) to the Jedi, forcing his assailant to re-ignite his saber and block the few stray shots that closed in on him.

Jarod picked up his pace and with a mighty leap, covered the distance between them in a hissing blaze. The mercenary rolled forward, ducked under the strike, discarded his second pistol and righted himself, facing his opponent. From his person he withdrew two vibroblades – each shaped differently, elegantly and no more than 30 centimetres long.

Not more than a moment passed for each to size the other up before their blades met in a flurry of attacks – the two combatants – agile, nimble and so ferocious that their battle took on the momentary illusion of choreography. Occasionally, one of them would manage to just barely nick the other’s clothing or armour but neither managed a full-fledged blow; Jarod was soon sporting tears and shallow cuts while the other had scorch marks adorning his armour and a few cauterized wounds underneath. Frenzied moments passed, blades whirred through the stale air, met resistance and spun away in preparation for a fresh attempt until finally, a series of attacks and parries later, Jarod managed to step under the other’s guard, leverage his momentum and threw the mercenary to the ground.

A camera shift – At eye level and distant enough to make out the two in a single shot.

Another jitter, more theatric, more violent.

The mercenary had lost one of his blades in the fall but still clutched the other – a curved affair with severe ridges and a look so polished, keen and sharp that it spoke of frequent use and loving care. He adopted a fighter’s stance yet again, shoulders slumped, feet apart and ready to strike.

Jarod, on the other hand, took a step back and adopted a wider more rooted stance, blade held double handed, perpendicular to the ground, behind and raised slightly over his head.

“This only ends one way. You might as well surrender, now.”

“There is never a single solution to a problem, as there is never a single possible outcome to a situation, Jarod.”

Despite the physical strain evident in the mercenary’s voice, it still held its cold, intelligent bite from earlier.

“There are times when you’ve been check mated.”

Surprising that you should say that.”

The mercenary charged the Jedi again, struck with one blade, and followed up with a quick open palmed strike with his free hand. Jarod continued to parry and side step attack, in the apparent hopes to tire the man out. The melee raged on. Both took their fair share of hits: Jarod – a few blows to the face and kidneys and an assorted number of additional cuts to his shoulder and thigh; the Mercenary - more strikes that began to melt his armour in places and a massive slash across his right calf that finally forced him to one knee.

He fended off a few attacks and even managed an almost successful lunge but the Jedi simply side stepped yet again, caught hold of the man’s arm and flung him aside. A force push caught him in the back before he hit the ground and sent him careening across the barren space till he landed in a heap some distance away.

The camera blinked and split into two shots – one displayed the Jedi walking towards the fallen figure, the other depicted the mercenary pushing himself up.

The camera focused on the slumped figure and just barely, in between a few additional slivers of interrupting static lines, made out the mercenary retrieving yet another gadget from his person.

There was a rush of air, the sound of a shrill pop and both images were filled with smoke.

The camera shifted again. A view from the highest point of the warehouse, looking straight down, showed the smoke cloud, tinged a chemical red, spreading out from where the mercenary had been. The Jedi had already disappeared into the crimson veil.

Another blink and the camera shifted to heat detection.

Jarod was striding forward in an unwavering line towards the figure that was slowly limping away. He didn’t get far. The camera zoomed a little.

The Jedi put his hand on the mercenary’s shoulder, the sizzling sabre-blade at his throat. A nearby camera picked up the exchange, a technician would later enhanced the audio.

“That wasn’t a very good idea,” Jarod intoned, all humour gone from his voice; all that was left was the sober tones of a graveyard digger sliding a final granite slab into place.

“Wasn’t it?”

The red and yellow figure that had been the bent mercenary straighten, a hand quickly grabbing Jarod’s wrist – the one that held the saber.

A quick strobe of light flared and illuminated both before subsiding to show one figure on the ground, his heat signature twitching while another stood above him and deactivated a lightsaber.


The mercenary retrieved his pistols, his gait slower and addled by the injuries he’d sustained. He checked their charge and walked back to the Jedi who’d been trying to get up. He kicked the fallen knight in the abdomen, an arc of lightening flowing from the point of contact.

“Electrified gear,” the mercenary offered by means of explanation.

He levelled the pistol and fired a single shot into the back of the Jedi’s skull. His quarry fallen, unmoving, he contemplated the figure for a moment.

The scene jittered and then shook violently.

“Now… allow me a moment to monologue.”

The mercenary had picked up one of the cameras and was talking to it as he strode away from the dead Jedi, still shrouded within the red smoke. He looked straight into the camera, his patched together helmet covering the screen.

“Let that be a warning to you. No one is invincible. Stay clear of my operations and we shall have no reason to cause each other grief. If you feel the need to attempt to stop me, by all means – try. Join the game and we shall play our parts, but… but if I so much as hear a rumour of more insertions like this –“

He angled his head back at the smoke cloud behind him.

“- I’ll personally see to it that all related parties are discovered and dealt with.”

The camera’s viewpoint began to rotate wildly as it was thrown over the man’s shoulder.

Another change in angle – The mercenary hobbled out of the warehouse. The smoke cloud persisted. The clock on the top right corner began to move faster and showed the smoke cloud slowly disperse and fade. The body of the Jedi remained.

No movement.

Different camera angles shifted perspective to provide better vantage points of the body.

It was Jarod.

Jarod was dead.

The camera froze on his body, sizzled once for effect (as is the want of bored effects artists and enthusiastic young execs) and then caved in to a screen full of static.


“And that,” said an attractive news anchor with a voice modulated expertly to convey shock, horror, and just the right amount of sadness, “is the communications package that was broadcast on open channels only moments ago. The source of the broadcast is yet to be determined.”

The news anchor paused, tilting her head to one side as if listening in on a private conversation before straightening and facing the camera. It did not shiver, nor did it jitter.

“We’ve got correspondents at the Jedi Temple but have yet to receive an official response from any ranking Jedi or representatives as of yet. There do appear to be rumours, though, that the organization that broadcast this terrifying footage also sent proof of the kill to the Temple. While we wait for confirmation of the authenticity of this reel, let us examine it one more time. Once again, we urge that you ensure that children are not privy to what we will air next as it is a truly disturbing sight.”


The feed kicked in, fizzled theatrically and resolved with a final shiver to an extreme close up of a grubby looking face mask…

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Re: Galactic News

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A togrutan female news reporter was reading the holonet news when she got a special bulletin. She looked through it carefully, and then looked to the camera to speak.

"We just got a report that Queen Vanessa is about to make a statement regarding the attacks on the protectorate capital of Manaan, and Nam Chorios. We have been eager to hear their response to these horrendous attacks that we've been covering. We hope that what she has to say will shed light on the matter.We'll move our video feed to Uhl Turhaya to see what she has to say after such a brutal attack."

The video feed switched to Vanessa, a woman of white skin, tanned by the heat, her eyes a piercing green, and her full head of raven black hair rustled in the breeze of the sea. She wore a spider silk cloak over a two piece halter top dress. It was ceremonially beaded and jeweled. She wore a circlet of silver and sapphires. She was sitting on a balcony on a futon with the spider silk sun curtain pulled over to one side to be able to see the Bright Star skyline. Behind her cranes worked diligently to replace the gold capped roofs of buildings and workers could be seen polishing the tiles. She looked directly into the camera, with a determined expression, but some semblance of gentleness about her.

"I am Queen Vanessa of the Lux Dynasty. Under my rule is the Protectorate, and above my command is the will, light, and the love of the Benevolent mother. We were deliberately and brutally attacked by the forces of the Machine Empire. Their plans are unknown to us, but as you can see, we fended them off with the legions of children under Her Grace. We, the Protectorate stopped and repelled a tenacious force of machines, and fended off a terrifying attack from the ravenous Kothryn hordes. We did so by the will of the Benevolent Mother, and her love that guides our people. Her retributive benevolence sings to me, even as the new leader of a once hated people.

I will uphold her wishes to create a world where evil is turned on its head, and balance is kept by peace, love, and swift retaliation against darkness. We repelled the enemy ourselves. We did not need the senate, we did not need the Jedi. With our Bloodborn Ascendancy, and Grey Jedi allies, and my marriage to Mandalorian Clan leader Jason Dorn, we repelled the monstrosities of this galaxy. We have achieved peace through alliances, and if any one wishes to become one with the love of the Mother. You are welcome into her open and loving embrace. The way of the Senate is dead, and the way of the Jedi Order is dead. Both are non existent, and irrelevant.

They are not our enemies, but their justice has not been enacted or seen in many years. We will take the reins of balance along with any of those who wish to join us in keeping society and systems secure from the threat of the Machines, and the Kothryn. We are in a new age of terror, where the old enemies have been swept away by the tides of the new. Sith and Jedi no longer have the meaning they used to hold. The respect and terror they both garnered are gone. There is only the fight for balance, and those with the will and the love in their hearts to see true justice and protection upheld. Follow the call of the Benevolent mother, and seek her warm embrace. She weeps for her children who suffer at the hands of evil. For we are all her children, those under the Dynasty and those who are not. No matter who you are or your origins, join our cause. We of the protectorate are a resilient people. It will take great force to knock us down, and even then we will rise back up to fight the enemies of Anguish.

If you wish to feel safe, if you want to truly feel you are part of a love that extends to you, join our great civilization, and fight to protect those who are defenseless and are persecuted by darkness. My Dynasty will open its arms to you, and embrace you as one of our own, person and planetary systems alike, if you have love and a desire to do good. We may have lost families, we may have lost children and soldiers, but we are strong. We grow stronger every day, in faith, and might, and passion to protect. May the love of the Mother be with you."

Vanessa blew a kiss into the camera and extended her hand out, as if to take the person on the other side with her. She smiled and the image of her persons faded it went back to the Holonet desk where the Togrutan female was previously stating the news.

"Well there you are, it appears that the Lux Dynasty's first press release was a grand one. I suspect there may be more in the future and one could hope we will get more updates as to what this new leader intends to do, through her actions."

The Holonet shifted back to its regular programming for the day.
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Re: Galactic News

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Galactic Travel Warning: Sanctuary

The Senate's Inter-Galactic Security Service is issuing a travel advisory to all ships en route to the Sanctuary system in the Eastern Outer Rim.

An unmarked Carrack-class cruiser, possibly pirate affiliated, was seen exchanging turbolaser fire with an Inquisitorial Remnant Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, the
Maximus. Three unarmed merchant vessels were caught in the crossfire- casualty reports stand at two transports destroyed with five escape pods recovered, three still missing.

Local security forces were able to scramble an armed response squadron, while the Carrack cruiser and the
Maximus both disengaged and fled the system at full speed before jumping into hyperspace.

There is a substantial reward posted for the recovery of escape pods in the system as well as information leading to the location of either of the vessels.

The Republic wishes to remind all citizens that the Inquisitorial Remnant is classified as a Rogue State by intergalactic law. Any vessels or bases discovered transmitting identification codes marking them as such should be reported to local security organizations at once. They are an armed, dangerous, and Imperial-trained Junta.
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Re: Galactic News

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Across all channels, be on the alert for increased Machine Empire Activity!

Battle reports have come in from Bakura where Grey Jedi have amassed a fleet to counter a Machine Empire assauit. Reports claim that a lone Cruiser piloted by the Crusaders of the Coruscant Jedi Temple were also present at the battle and were responsible for dealing the final blow to the machine empire fleet. Reports have come in that the general commanding the machines was taken out by a lone jedi knight. John Bickket and the Crusaders, along with Second in Command of the Grey Jedi, iris Panaka are now mopping up all remaining forces left deserted.

Other area's of threat that should be avoided until proper authorities can deescalate the situations, Ryloth was attacked by a small force of Machines, and now a small fleet sits above Taris, and ten droids had been seen by many witnesses to have nose dived down to the lower levels of the city. Please be advised of these possible conflict zones and please report any other Machine Empire sightings to the Holonet at once.

We will inform you of any updates in regards to Bakura, Ryloth and Taris, thank you for your patience.

*Transmission ends*
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Re: Galactic News

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The holonet covered a small speech given over the holonet. Queen Vanessa was sitting on her couch on the balcony that overlooked the whole of Uhl Turhaya and its gold capped buildings. She was holding her infant son in her arms as she addressed those that watched and listened. Her ebony black hair ruffled and shimmered in the light breeze of the afternoon.

"Greetings those of the Dynasty, Children of the mother of pains, our allies, and all those who know us by our name and actions. I am Queen Vanessa Lux of the great Lux Dynasty. I have come to you today bearing a message of hope and life. As you may be aware, tensions are mounting between the allies of the Dynasty and the Machine Empire. But fear not, for we will smite the enemy from the map with our faith and devotion to our great mother, and the force. Those of you in recent days that have felt the sting of the Machines, fear not, we hear you, and we prepare a great army in your defense. We are coming, and our retribution against the ancient warmachine will be relentless! We have not forgotten you, and we and our allies continue to fight for you! I love this galaxy and her people, the Dynasty strives to be that beacon and pillar of hope. Yet we are not alone in our efforts, many take up arms, and causes to fight the machines and see the true threat they pose to all of us.

There are those that put aside their differences for the betterment of all, and to keep the integrity and way of life for their people. I am sure many of you heard the rumor a year ago, and it is no rumor. Mandalore Raith Dorn, who formally took up a false identity after a grand fight with Kurayami has taken back the mantle of Mandalore and arranged a marriage with me. The former protectorate had been at war with the clans since the days of Sarian, and he thought it best to start fresh once the Dynasty had taken root. He and I solidified a peace between the clans a year ago, and now have a son born of that peace his name is Athran. Even in a time of strife there is life and good news. It is a proud day not just for the Mandalorians and the Dynasty, but to all. Peace is what brings about change, and hope. I believe in my heart that this will be the year we will all be blessed and empowered by peace, and fight as hard as we can to keep it. May the embrace of the Goddess, and the force be with you all!"
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