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Re: Open Space

Post by Kel Var-Maren » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:42 pm

It had been but 6 days after they had left Ossus. They were drifting somewhere in open space. A ship, no, a wreck that once might have been a ship was floating around in the vast darkness of the abyss that space was. Structural integrity was not given anymore and the last few survivors figured that the only reason why the wreckage wasn’t breaking apart was due to the fact, that their hair was standing upright for hours by now. Even those not adept at the use of the Force could sense it all around. It made people uneasy as they weren’t sure how long this wonder would keep the fragile bubble of life together.
No one was sure what had happened. They had followed their alor to a planet and figured out that there were enemies. Lots of them. He had ordered the Tor Aran to make a run for it taking most of the people with them while a skeleton crew remained on the smaller ship the Tuur Tracyn. They fought valiantly a battle lost from the start. To take a probe on board and then attempt a hyperspace jump. One that went awfully wrong as the ship was hit several times while attempting it.
Somehow they still jumped. Somehow they weren’t destroyed. Somehow it all went down like it did and left the survivors pondering. And in the midst of all of this was their alor floating in midair on the bridge. Unconscious the back arched backwards, the feet dangling down, like he was held up around the waist. They had tried to get closer to him. Had tried to interact with him but the air thickened the closer anyone tried to get. It was like walking through mud until it got hard to breath.
So all they did was watch a corpse-like being levitating. They had gathered the last survivors from other decks and figured that those who had tendencies to the dark side started feeling dizzy in proximity to Kel. The systems were down, life support on emergency, communications were knocked out and repairing them was working a miracle. On top all of that there had been a change. Kel had started to shed a bit of skin on the back of his hand just an hour ago. A little bit not much but there was faint blue flicker under the skin and it was just enough to get people worried. A solution and rescue was needed...


Kel looked around he was on the bridge of the Resolute. A ship in the Grand Army that was built in the shape of a Mandalorian vessel. It was strange, felt off somehow but he didn’t know why. He was surrounded by people he knew. Jedi from the Order, Force Users from the time of the Yuuzhan Vong wars, even a few Sith, Dark Jedi and more. They worked around him made sure the ship was stable as it was in waiting.
He turned around and looked at Norrik: “Status report?
Oh we are fine. We took the attack pretty badly but we keep the ship together.” Norrik glanced at him with a strange gaze to his eyes.
What are you talking about? The ship is in nearly pristine condition.” Kel looked around and wondered about his brother.
No, it is just what you see. It’s just what you need it to be, Kel. For you simply can’t let go, can you? You really wanna believe that everything is fine but what for?
To go on with his duty. To be there when things down they go. Accustomed to safe the galaxy he is, while working from the shadows he does.” That was Yolem.
He can’t give in, he feels responsible.” A Jedi from the Clone Wars.
He isn’t able to give up.” His father, whom he had to kill as he had betrayed the clan and would have brought war.
Centuries ago we had given him a mission. Days before the Jedi Order had been destroyed. Still this order keeps him going.” A member of the High Council.
He has lived too long. He has buried friends over friends, enemies and adversaries but escaped every single time.” A Sith assassin he once trained to kill other Sith.
Kel snapped around looked at a blue figure with a bar of chocolate in his hand: “What is it you want, old friend?
The Jedi Shadow started panting and looked down at his hand. Skin peeled off and a blueish hue was to be seen: “What’s happening to me? What is going on? And... you are all dead. Why are you here?
Norrik placed a hand on his twin’s shoulder: “You are becoming one with the Force. Your body has started to give in you know them from the Grey Jedi. With the last fight you exerted power far beyond what you’d normally be able to do and you started pulling all those who had ever been connected to you within the Force into it. You are halfway on the other side but you don’t let go so the Force – being in agony as it is – started to bleed into the world through you. Kel, it is time to let go.
Kel looked up into the eyes of Norrik and saw his own reflection in them. He stared for seconds, minutes, he couldn’t tell how long and then shook his head: “No. No! I refuse to go. There is still so much I have to do! I can’t leave it all behind. NOT NOW!
The bridge went silent and all the figures turned towards Kel. Silently they watched him and then looked at each other before they turned their attention back to their own workstations.
The course set it is. Engage we will in 3... 2... 1...


Something was going on. Lights came on, the deckplates started vibrating. Everyone on the bridge could feel it as there was a sudden surge in power. It was like static charges were building up and then... then there was the short sensation of a free fall. The darkness of space disappeared and there was the acceleration of a hyperspace jump. Stars were flung towards them the Tuur Tracyn started it’s last journey.
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Re: Open Space

Post by Kiala Renning » Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:01 am

The Dynasty second fleet moved with haste through eastern outer rim space.

2nd Fleet

1 Lancer Class Dreadnought
1 BFGS Class Transport
3 Beserker Class Missile Frigates
3 Strife Class Cruisers
1 Deviant Class Cruiser
1 Lycar Orbital Deployment carrier
1 Tanker
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Re: Open Space

Post by Kyra » Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:07 pm

As the 2nd fleet made their way through hyperspace, Kyra went on with her work. The first order of business was changing the weapon load outs on each of the units, replacing the blasters to projectile weaponry to best handle the Machines. One by one, each unit's main weapons were switched. A simple enough task, though a bit time consuming to ensure they were all removed and replaced properly. She then began looking into the weapon set up for a few of the other units. First came the Umbra Foxes. She debated it for some time if she wanted to keep them with the Gatling guns or the Force Blades. Considering that the Chaos Ligers were in the field as well, it made little sense to get the foxes involved with close combat. As such, she left the guns alone. It would serve them better to attack from a distance under the cover of their cloaks.

She then turned to the Raynas. Out of the five, she decided to split their configurations. Two would remain with the stock setup while the other three would lose the advanced radars in favor of the triple boosters and heavier armaments. These three would serve as quick bombers while the other two focused more on aerial support and superiority alongside the Lightning Teras. Finally, she got to the Iron Gorogs. Two of them would have heavy long-range guns while the other two carried a large assortment of missiles. All that was left was figuring out which armor set she wanted for her own body. There was still some time to figure it out, so in the meantime, she connected to the holonet, seeking out the other information she desired.
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Re: Open Space

Post by Nereus Draken » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:52 pm

The main battle fleet of the Machine empire dropped out of hyperspace barely a day out from Ossus.

1st Core

Nereus Draken/Anaxes

1 Mothership (flagship #335-75)
2 Combine Destroyers
1 Carrier
6 Osiris class Battle Cruisers
1 Fractal Cruisers
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